6 lbs of undigested red meat

Someone told me today that his doctor said that when we die, we have 7 lbs of undigested red meat in our system.
After a cursory search of the internet, I have seen this repeated.
I find it unbelievable.
Is this true?

As you are new here I believe you. I am sure that someone told you that his doctor had told him this. Also I believe you when you say that you have found a similar claim on the Internet.

After all, why would you lie to us?

Well, that all depends on whether or not you die of eating 7 pounds of red meat in one sitting.

Assuming you ate at that steakhouse that serves the 7 pound Porterhouse “free” if you eat it all, and, assuming you died of a heart attack/stroke shortly after beating the house, you would be correct.

If you are a vegetarian, how would this happen?

This is just “scarelore” from the net. Ignore it.

This is just a bunch of propagandaist SH*T (no pun intended) put out by PETA and the rest of the militant vegitarians. Think about it: It takes about 12-24 hours for what we eat to pass through our system. I have never eaten 7 pounds of meat in one day (except for that one time…), and I have never met anyone who regularly participates in such practice. It just doesn’t work. So enjoy that nice juicy steak, and have one for me too.

Hours after a meal, no matter how many pounds of meat you’ve managed to consume, the stomach will only contain a small amount of brown fluid. Where would the poundage be lurking? In your small intestine? A lot of yardage, but… In your large intestine? Lots of water metabolizes there…Sigmoid colon? Think of the sensation of 6 pounds of meat!!! And as for the swallowed gum your mamma always warned you about…

Oh please…this was a gag in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. The detectives are on stake-out and the younger detective, in true California new-age bullshit fashion, is reading some goofy book and says (in a voice of serious concern and shock)something about having so many pounds of undigested red meat in your intestines. The older and wiser detective rolls his eyes in disgust and a Hollywood gag in a comedy movie was turned into an urban legend to be forever passed on by the gullible.

How much meat is on a human, assuming I decided to change my hunting grounds?

Billy Rosewood “It says here that by the time the average man is 50, he has 5 pounds of undigested red meat in his bowels”

Taggert: (Disgusted) “Why are you telling me this?”

Rosewood: “Well you eat a lot of red meat”.

even if it were true… what’s so bad about it? if this is the best PETA can come up with… i’m just gonna keep eating those tasty animals.



Humans are meat. Uneaten meat. However, if a lion eats a human, does that mean said lion has 150lbs of undigested red meat in it’s stomach?

It was my understanding that game animals, as opposed to domesticated livestock which have been selected for desirable carcass traits, usually dress out at about half or less of their total overall body weight.

So you could figure that a 150 lb. human would dress out at 75 lbs. or less of meat.