Where's the beef?

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I would just love to have a nice, medium-rare, tender, juicy, delicious, 14 oz New York Strip steak from USDA, Midwest corn fed cattle, smothered in mushrooms and onions and served up with a side of steaming hot, greasy, sloppy, barbecued baby back ribs.

Anyone else? :wink:

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Ooooo, I get to reply first! I feel so special… not! I’ll take a Wendys triple meat with cheese.

Then take it back to the office lunch room and eat it in front of all those women eating rabit food and sippin’ diet coke. ;D

It’s 2am, I can’t sleep, and I’m craving a 1/2-pound of ground beef cooked medium well and topped with a slice of cheese, green chili, guacamole. . .
– Sylence

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drool, Homer Simpson Style


I love steak and chicken. I could never give it up and become a vegetarian. Still, I do sometimes feel guilty when I eat meat. And if I had to kill my own food, I would be in big trouble. I might go veggie then.

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A great big buffalo steak, a couple of baked potatos on the side, and some fried mushrooms.

I must go and cry since I am now stuck at work, dying of hunger, and nowhere near that dream meal.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

A pub chain near me does a range of steak:

8 ounce (normal)

16 ounce (piggish)

24 ounce (whoa!)

32 ounce (you CANNOT be serious!)

48 ounce (words fail me)

I’m not making this up - the 48 ouncer has to be served rare (presumably because the outside would be too burnt before the inside got to medium status).

OK, since you ask, I’ve managed a 32 ounce (with double fries, of course!).

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“Cheeseburger in Paradise,” medium well at Can’t-think-of-the-name-of-the-place at Union Station in St. Louis. Auraseer or Flypsyde?

I’m with you, Michelle. I dearly love my meat, but if it came down to “kill this animal yourself” I’d probably hightail it to the nearest veggy garden. I guess that officially makes me a weenie…

I could probably fish, although I hate putting the worms on the hook, and the idea of pulling a hook out of a fish’s lip completely grosses me out. Yup, veggies for me, please.

A restaurant in Dallas (don’t remember the name, but it’s near Fitz-hugh and NC Expressway) has a half-pound hamburger steak topped with garlic mashed potatoes.

Throw in a side of cheese fries.

All the roasted peanuts you can stomach,

Great “sides” of bread.

That was sooooo nice.

I sorta enjoy cutting up chickens.

That heavy cleaver goes so nicely down the backbone…the smaller knife neatly whickers off the wings and thighs…popping the bits you’re not going to cook into the stockpot for chicken broth…


Three little (YUMMY) words:

Everett and Jones

'Nuff said.

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.

I could really go for a steak from Peter Luger . Since I failed misrably at trying to put in a picture, I’d encourage you to go over to their site and salivate over their celebrated porterhouse.

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MMMMMMMMM…I think I need to go to the meat locker today! Off to get a nice, midwestern, corn-fed steak for lunch…

My cousin raises the nicest ones out in north central NE. And I buy a side every year and just have it cut into steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc. Much cheaper than the local markets and best quality.

PR (pass the steak knive)

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Sorry, Manhattan. Since I’ve never had the pleasure of Peter Luger’s, I’m gonna recommend-- http://www.ruthschris.com/

At least now I have another reason to hit NYC sometime, though. I mean besides meeting the Dopers.

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You’re right, OC, bacon!

I piss of veggies with the following:

Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail
Main Meal: Bacon Cheese Burger
Side Item: Chicken Strips

Yer pal,

YUMMM! :::drooling:::

Dorky name, GREAT steaks.

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.