6 Reasons I'm in a Good Mood

My day got off to a sleepy, running-for-the-bus, need-real-food-but-no-time start. When I got on the bus, I realized I’d forgotten my glasses and incurred the resulting headache. I steeled myself for the day to suck. Then:

  1. I’m in an upper-division class intended to teach us statistics and research design. This is accomplished by letting us set up an experiment and turning us loose on the introduction to psych students who have to get research credit. My partner and I finally sat down and hashed out exactly how we could analyze the questionnaire we made up.

  2. Between classes, I took the bus home. Got my glasses, ate a bowl of soup and had time to listen to Moth’s “I See Sound” a couple of times before I got back on the bus. Much better.

  3. Before my second class started, the guy behind me, who I’ve chatted with a few times, gave me a handful of sunflower seeds, unbidden. Very small thing, but it was nice.

  4. It’s a gorgeous day-sunny but not too hot. As there are only about four such days in a Texas year, they must be savored.

  5. I gave our questionnaire to two more participants. I read while they filled it out. Coming to the last question, one of the girls looked at me and said “Heterosexual’s when you like the opposite, right?” Caught completely off-guard, I had to think about it and finally said yeah. It was hard not to laugh, but I managed it.

  6. I submitted a script for next year’s Madrigal Dinner. (UT’s medieval, tight-and-dirty songs dinner theater production.) Though they didn’t send me the “This is so perfect we burned all the rest of them” e-mail that I would have hoped, I was asked to make a few changes and resubmit it. I’ll get to work on it tonight after I score questionnaires.

Um… so how old were the girls in experience #5? Of course, if someone asked ME that question, I’d be caught a bit off-guard as well. :slight_smile: