"60 Minutes" during football season

Why doesn’t CBS air “60 Minutes” at 8PM (on the East Coast), and then a movie, so they don’t have to worry about football games running past 7PM Eastern?

What would CBS run between the end of the football game and 8 pm?

Postgame show?

During football season, shouldn’t “60 minutes” really last for 3 hours?

I liked it better the way it was - 60 Minutes was cut so that the rest of the evening stayed on time. It’s in segments, and it’s not as though it’s real news.

They’ve been doing it that way for 40 years now…why stop now?

It’s very simple. CBS runs four hours of prime time on Sundays. They sell advertising for four hours, and they buy programming for four hours. They’re going to run four hours of programming after football, by golly!

Fox is a somewhat different business model. The 7-8pm Sunday slot on Fox is always a throwaway hour. But in addition to Sunday football, Fox also has Sunday NASCAR and sometimes Sunday baseball. In their case, it’s the Sunday afternoon sports schedule that drives what they do on Sunday evening. For CBS, what they program on Sunday evening is more important.