65535 Unread messages

How did I get so popular all the sudden?

Hmm. That is strange. This is private messages? You don’t actually see anything, right?

Nope…nothing, just the existing 1 message from USCdiver
Yes,private messages.

Send me a message!

PM sent.

Still reads the same’cept my total went from 4 to 5

Private Messages: Unread 65535, Total 5.(copy and paste)

Unread didnt change, but total did.

Now it reads

Private Messages: Unread 65534, Total 5.

After reading my new message.

“65535 is a frequently occurring number in the field of computing because it is the highest number which can be represented by an unsigned 16 bit binary number.

Indices in chat groups may well max out at 65535.”

So all we have to do is send you 65529 more messages, and after you’ve read them all you’ll be good to go.

Messages with attached nudie pics is preferred.

Yeah, the other thing that can happen is that someone or something accidentally subtracts one more than it should.
65535 is the Twos Complement version of -1, for a 16-bit binary number.

Supposing Mad Swine were sent two more messages and didn’t read them? If the quantity is stored internally as a 16-bit number, it could wrap back around to 0, and, if we’re lucky, program logic could kick in at that point in such a way as to prevent later re-underflow.

Exactly what i was thinking! :confused:

This feels like playing Mafia with BlasterMaster

Oh, wait, I see that this was basically already tried; your unread count didn’t go up, just your total, though your unread did go down after you read the new message. Sorry; I misunderstood what had already been tested.

Or, the Space-Time Contunum might collapse. Mustn’t forget our precious S-T Continum! :eek:

Needless to say,** Mad**, our good Swine should avoid messing with this delicate balance any further. National Security is at stake, if not the Vogon interplanetary debt. I’m not authorized to explain why, but I am authorized to glower menacingly and speak of vague horrors. :eek: If you know what’s good for you, you’ll eat a balanced diet and stay active. You know what I’m saying? Awright.