7,305 days in a row

20 years, if it’s a bit early for math! I got clean & sober on March 4, 1991, and I’ve been there ever since.

Yep, I’m braggin’ a bit…


Good for you. It is hard work.

Wow! Good for you!

And thanks for posting the date, it’s my mum’s birthday and I better call her. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! That’s an awesome amount of time and effort you’ve put in. Keep up the good work!!


20 years huh? Per here, you need to get yourself something made either of china, or platinum. I recommend both for good measure :).

Congratulations! You should be proud: that’s quite an accomplishment! That many days will need a really big token - platter sized. :smiley:



Congrats, old-timer! ODAAT.

7562 here.

Nice calculator here: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html

QtM, I use the “12 step companion” iPhone app, that includes a counter for years, months, weeks, days and hours, plus a digital copy of the big book.

Also, I just bought “The Book That Started it All”, a bound copy of the original BB manuscript, complete with notes, edits, etc. Awesome- and it’s half price on Amazon! :slight_smile:

Brag on! I dig it!

Do you have an app which explains why the long form of Tradition Two is shorter than the short form?

I never understood that…

Congratulations, Moirai! I hope everyone who is trying to beat addiction is able to have the same kind of success you have.

Congratulations; while you were getting clean and sober I was turning eight.

This is awesome news and you have every right to brag. I like how you framed it as a matter of days, because while I have no experience with ending addiction, I think any long-term change is really about taking it day by day. You didn’t succeed for twenty years, or maybe not even 7,305 days, you succeeded for a billion instantaneous moments by making positive choices time and time and time and time again and I’m sure at times it was exhausting.

In other news, I’m starting to feel old.

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

I understand the sober part but how did you manage to stay clean all those years? Must’ve saved a lot on the water bill, not to mention soap :slight_smile:


Oh my God, that’s right! I’m officially an old timer! Neat!


Congratulations for making a goal and sticking to it. Although I tend to agree with the South Park sentiment that booze is still controlling your life if you make total abstention a goal. I would never want to go 20 years without alcohol, and have difficulty identifying with the sentiment. But it sounds like you’re happy, so yay :smiley:

(I hope this isn’t a threadshit, it’s not intended as such)

No worries. Believe me, the whole world is better off with me not drinking. :D. But seriously, booze DOES control me- I’m an alcoholic. I could never dabble in drinking, even as a kid. Never able to predict what might happen once I started.

You have a right to brag a bit, I would too. Good work staying tough all this time, I admire you.