My seven year sober anniversary

Just thought I’d share: Today marks seven years without alcohol, marijuana, meth, or any other substances. And man, where DID the time go?

Now if I could only kick the coffee habit…

Congratulations! I had a two-year alcohol-free anniversary on Halloween.

I’m NEVER kicking my coffee habit though !!

Congratulations - it must have taken a lot of strength and courage to quit.

Congratulations, that’s a serious achievement.

Believe the promises, they are true!



Happy birthday, Superman!
If the substances were a problem for you, I guess you really are “new and improved” without 'em, huh? :wink:

Congratulations, wishing you continued success!

I just came from another thread telling you to knock it off. Quit threadshitting, Mr Happy. You have an official warning.

Ellen Cherry
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Congrats! That totally rocks.

Isn’t it wonderful?

5 years and 8 months but I’ll catch you one of these days :wink:

Congratulations today and every day ------ one day at a time.

Congrats, man.

Funny - you and I must have quit within a month of each other.

Well, I quit drinking, tho I still inhale on occasion when given the opportunity.

Congrats. man. Keep coming back.

Soulbro, eight years clean and serene

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Quite an achievement, to be sure. Congratulations!

I’ve heard giving up caffeine is difficult too, and that (if you’re serious about it, I can’t tell), it should be done gradually, to avoid headaches.

Good job New and Improved Superman! 7 years is a long time, and you deserve a pat on the back. How much better is “life after” as compared to “life before”?

Wow, what an occasion, this calls for a dr…NO no, do not make a stupid joke here.
Congrats!!! Really.

Congrats, that’s great. Get a 7 year medallion, and pass on your old one to someone who has just arrived at 6 years. At least that’s what I do.

Remember, though: After a couple of years of sobriety are achieved, the one in the meeting with the longest sobriety is the one who got up earliest that day. :wink:



[slight hijack]QtM, I hope you don’t pass on all of your “chips”; when my father passed away, he had 32 years of sobriety. His chips were lovingly passed among his five daughters and many grandchildren! I have his five-year chip (along with one of his pipes, and my “share” of his ashes ;)), and I treasure it.

I mean, I’m not lookin’ for you to buy the farm anytime soon or anything, but while I’m sure those chips mean a lot to the people you pass them on to, some of them will mean a lot to your family some day, too.[/sh]

I’ve probably a couple lying around, but frankly I feel that passing the chip on to another recovering person is more meaningful (and possibly beneficial) than leaving them as heirlooms. My kids will have a ton of non-AA stuff that was meaningful to me to remember me by.

If one of my kids were in recovery, that’d be a different story. And if they achieve that status after my demise, as I said, they can dig around and find a medallion or two from AA.

Well, this is freakin’ awesome. Having never fought that battle I can’t imagine how much dedication it must have taken. As a person who has lost loved ones to addiction, I thank you for your hard work. Seriously, go out and do something wonderful for yourself (besides being sober, I mean.)