7 days question.

This is a question regarding the TV series 7 days. How come when Parker goes back in time his other self isnt at never never land? Do two of him exist

I don’t know how they handled it in that series, but it’s common for two versions of the same person to occupy the same time in time-travel stories. What you need to remember is that they aren’t the same person.

One of them is older, and has more memories than the other. That differentiates them enough, in my mind, to allow them to be doing different things at the same time.

If I remember correctly, when he backstepped, his original self disappeared into thin air.

jackdavinci is right. In the first episode, they had recruited him from a mental hospital, then he was forced to do a backstep before a week was out. When he showed up at the project, they discovered he had disappeared from the hospital, and wanted to know how he found out about the project.

Why yes, I do watch too much tv and remember too much trivia. Why do you ask?