7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — In federal court, Mark Sahady and Suzanne Ianni are facing charges of illegal entry and disorderly conduct for their alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. But at a rally against coronavirus restrictions held last month in a field outside Boston, the pair were hailed as “patriots.”

“Yeah, we are definitely not terrorists,” Sahady, 46, told the crowd. “Make no mistake about it: This is a political prosecution.”

Sahady and Ianni are members of a right-wing, Massachusetts-based group called Super Happy Fun America, which first drew national attention for organizing a 2019 Straight Pride Parade in Boston. At the rally last month, group president John Hugo praised the two as “freedom fighters” for the roles they played on Jan. 6.

The riot at the Capitol was “like a dry run,” said Scott Gilbert, an activist with the New England chapter of a group called Refuse Fascism, who was one of a few dozen counterprotesters who came to Bridgewater that day. Trump might be out of office, he said, but “that whole movement isn’t just disappearing.”

“We’ve seen an uptick in censorship, wholesale suspension of conservatives from social media,” said Hugo, who said he did not go to Washington on Jan. 6 because of a knee injury. “It’s like a snake, a boa constrictor, slowly squeezing us, squeezing us, squeezing us. There’s nothing left. We’ve been kicked out of the virtual public square.”

The whole article is disgusting. Yeah, these people were always here, but trump gave them legitimacy and invited encouraged them to crawl out from under the rocks where they were living. The instantaneous and ubiquitous nature of social media sped up their spread. And now they’re being blocked on social media-- well, boo-fucking-hoo!

And trump didn’t encourage them because he believes what they believe, because trump doesn’t believe anything. He has no principles except self-promotion. His so-called “management style” is to create chaos. On a small scale within his staff and, in this case, on a grand scale. And then he walks away from the stinky pile that he has created. Just the way a toddler proudly points to the pile of shit he has left behind-- “Mommy (or in his case Daddy), lookie what I made!

Here’s info on a timeline that the Pentagon put together:

Appalling all over again.

From the DOJ: Prosecutors: No charges for officer in Capitol riot shooting

I can’t wait to hear the MAGAts crying. Oh, sure, every time a cop shoots a [Black person] it’s a massive civil rights issue, but a true patriot gets gunned down, no charges are filed, and the MSM completely ignores it.

That’s already all in the comments to the article Elendil’s Heir posted.

This is sure to be widely-read when it is finally released:

The latest: Federal prosecutors secure first guilty plea in cases stemming from Jan. 6 Capitol riot

It’s kinda’ weird that that’s the first guilty plea, given that a number of rioters have told the court they’re sorry for their actions, can they go home now please?

Wow, he’s also dropping dimes:

They’re sorry, but that’s not the same as pleading guilty.

Sorry they got caught.

Also, “It’s not my fault I was a gullible dupe and believed Trump’s lies” We even have posters here who try that line.

Quote is from Elendil_s_Heir’s link, not Elendil_s_Heir…

There’s a string of words I’ve never before encountered. May the slow turning wheels of justice crush the bones of these anti-American traitors.

Also from link:
"His lawyers also said Sabol was “lied to” about the 2020 election by former President Donald Trump as well as Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and longtime political adviser Roger Stone. "
Ha Ha, Motherfucking Ha.
As though there were no sane Americans alerting the stupider among us about that lying bastard. As though the Washington Post wasn’t publishing an inventory of his lies.
Morons, simply morons.

Having worked with geophysicists as an undergrad (I was considering that as a major), this kinda took me by surprise. I couldn’t imagine the guys I was working with storming the castle, uh, Capitol.

Half of everyone you meet is stupider than average. Among geophysicists, that is also true.

Agreed but that seems like pretty strong evidence that can be brought up in a trial. At this point it seems like it would be in their best interest to plead guilty. Maybe the Feds are still investigating to make sure they aren’t guilty of more serious crimes.

I work with a guy who was a geo-petroleum guy. Knew how to read land & seismic stuff to find oil. Not sure of the technical term for his expertise, but he has a BS in it. And still has a consultancy doing evaluations of oil yield potential of parcels of land.

Anyhow, he has no clue about human nature, loves to talk about rocks, believes oil is good, nations that maximize oil extraction are strong, the Republicans are the only true Americans, and Trump is God. You can sort of see the progression there.

I doubt he’s unique within his profession. Too much time in the oil patch can expose you to toxic ideas as well as toxic materials.

Another genius heard from:

A federal judge on Friday ordered a Pennsylvania woman charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to show why she should not be jailed pending trial or held in contempt of court for allegedly flouting a requirement that she wear a mask when leaving her home while on bond…
In an order Friday, a trial judge wrote that Powell appeared to respond evasively to a court compliance officer when asked about a video recently posted on social media apparently showing her at her workplace wearing “a see-through mesh mask” with holes big enough to see her nose and mouth through it…

A lot of Americans have deep, specialized knowledge in their work or things that interest them, and then tend to not give two shits about anything they don’t consider to be ‘relevant.’ Unfortunately this is something that higher education in this country tends to reinforce, which is ironic when you consider that, traditionally, the college has been the place where you’re (in theory) supposed to think about how to go beyond being a technician and become a ‘critical thinker’. This isn’t to say that this problem is unique to American higher ed, just something I’ve noticed.