70s TV..High Art or just plain bad?

Somebody please give me a hand here. My husband keeps telling me I have just lost my mind, and am remembering something from a dream. I have very vague recollections of a short lived sitcom from the 70s which I believe was called “On the Rocks”. I can recall nobody who acted in it. It took place in a prison and revolved around a group of cellmates or friends, or something. The only character I can remember even a little bit was a big dumb blonde (least I think he was blonde) who always got jokes about 3 minutes after everyone else did. Can anyone else at all remember this show? And if so, was this the worst piece of trash ever created? Actualy, that was a damned stupid question. There was so much bad tv in the 70s, I guess its impossible to pick the worst. But since I started this. Lay it on me folks…Whats the worst?

As a child of the 70’s, I say this: My kids (10 and 4) watch The Brady Bunch, All in the Family, Scooby Doo, etc. on Nickelodeon, and that is fine with me. I have watched Three’s Company with them, and I will not allow it any longer. This show sucks. Bad writing, bad acting, bad content, this does not make for a memorable show. I think this may well be the worst popular show ever put on television. I am embarased to admit I ever watched it.

Three’s Company definitely ranks up there. Poor writing was a mainstay of the diet of 70s TV. Tom Hanks would probably prefer that people forget it completely, but I am sure we all remember Busom Buddies, and the incredibly lame concept involved. Who in their right mind (and with at least 20/200 vision) could have mistaken those two for women???

Some of my faves and what I consider some of the best shows ever…

All In The Family

The Carol Burnett Show

Wayne and Shuster

Sesame Street was must-see TV for me. I grew wanting to do what Jim Henson did. That man was a genius.

The worst may very well have been “On the Rocks.” I remember it and how America seemed not too ready to accept a sitcom filled with offensive racial stereotypes that takes place in a maximum security prison. On the other hand, it did feature Tom Poston…oh well.

Overall I’d say the 70s were good for live-action TV and bad for animation.

Well, thank goodness the idea of a maximum security sitcom did not originate in one of my deranged fantasies. Nobody I ever mentioned it to seemed to have any recollection of it. I was starting to doubt my own sanity. I am not so sure I agree with the “good for action” statement though. The 70s did bring us Starsky and Hutch. My sister had the hots for Paul Michael Glaser, while I thought David Soul was the better looking of the two. In seeing old reruns of the show now, however, I wonder how in the world we ever thought either of them were worth a second glance. OMG, look at the Clothes!!