TV hits that suck(ed)

Sorry that the subject wasn’t more, shall I say, eloquent, but anyway, which TV show hits do you think are, or were, pretty awful?
For me, pretty much all sitcoms from the 50’s and 60’s (I’m only 29, but I have seen the reruns.) Shows like My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, Family Affair, Leave it to Beaver, and the Brady Bunch…Yech…
Most detective shows from the 70’s.
Let’s see, what else, Punky Brewster, Saved by the Bell, the new Game Show Network game “Cram”, and, that’s all I can think of for now.

Have something against oral sex?

I can’t stand anything with a southern drawl theme.
King of the Hill, Reba, etc. It justs makes my skin crawl when t h e y d ra g o u t e v e r y w o r d.

I think that Kind of the Hill is OK, not a big fan really, but my wife is. Actually, the thing I’ve grown tired of in sitcoms, is when the main character(s) have a scheme about something, then it blows up in their faces, which would describe pretty much all sitcoms nowadays. That, or sitcoms which get really old, really quick. Malcolm in the Middle is such an example. It started out good, then, after watching it a while, I got tired of it, because all the jokes were the same. All though I kind of like that about Will and Grace, it made me hate Malcolm. And then there’s the Drew Carry Show. After a while it got tiring watching a looser who was bad in relationships and couldn’t get promoted, or, if he did, get demoted later on.

I hate Will & Grace. It’s shrill, annoying and unfunny and Jack is one of three television characters I would happily go to prison for the oppotunity to stab repeatedly in the face with a broken bottle.

Please, tell us how you really feel.

Three’s Company sucked big time.

BTW, Leave it to Beaver was pretty hip.

What!!?? Yo, thems fightin’ words! [click] BAM! BAM! BAM!

Seriously, those are some of the best, most beloved shows of all time! You are way out of line here bud! :wink:

Now Manimal, that was one horrendous show! O wait, that wasn’t really a “hit” now was it. Hmm, let me see…The A Team! Yes, that was a “Hit” that completely sucked ass!!

I’ve never understood the appeal of Friends.

Well, if you’re going to split hairs, you may as well remind everyone that Nightrider sucked mightily. (though I thought it was cool when I was 11)

I hate Malcolm in the Middle. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate it. Joel thank you for starting this thread and giving me the long awaited opportunity to get this off my chest. There have been times that I’ve contemplated pitting this damn show, but realized I probably wouldn’t have had the wit to pull it off (i.e. without getting slammed by all the MITM fans). I remember the days just before the show aired initially. I didn’t think I’d like it from the clips they showed in the commercials, but the ad campaign was successful in creating a sorta buzz and so I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to like it, and many people I know like it. After seeing the first episode I was convinced that this was the stupidest show ever created (though I can appreciate that it was a genuine attempt to take a risk and try some new things instead of relying on a collecti0on of cliches). I chalked it up as an experiment that failed and would surely be off the air in a few months.

But it kept living. And it turned out that nearly everyone I knew liked it (this is an important point because I don’t think I’d be this hateful of the show otherwise). See, we’d all gather for the Simpsons and just stay for MITM, so I often would watch. I’d have to sit there while everyone (people I love and respect) would laugh at the stupidest jokes I’d ever seen. And I’d just want to lash out and tell them all how stupid the show is, to get them to see it my way, to understand that they’re all being had.

It would of course be quite wrong to do that, and so I bit my lip and sat, and watched.

And so, I thank you once again for this thread.

::deep sigh:: I feel so much better now.

I mostly agree, without perhaps, the graphic violence…

Don’t like Will and Grace, but think that Debra Messing is hot (even if somewhat flat-chested) and so I watch the first few minues usually so that I can see her smile.

Agree with Brady Bunch, Three’s Company.

Hated Veronica’s Closet. Don’t get Everybody Loves Raymond. In fact, I now only watch an 1 1/2 of shows each week.

No offense, but if someone genuinely likes the show, how are they being “had”? You can’t trick someone into finding something funny, they either do or they don’t. There are opinions other than yours, and all of them matter equally, immensely to the person that has them, not at all to everyone else.

Myself, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Malcolm in the Middle one way or the other. I’ve seen a few ep, thought it was okay, but there’s better stuff to watch whenever it’s on.

No offense taken.

I don’t understand how anyone finds Friends funny. I mean, there are occasionally slightly funny parts, but for the most part, 30 minutes of real life is funnier than an episode of Friends.

It’s just that it annoys me when people take a “me vs. them” attitude to something popular they don’t like.

On an only somewhat related note (After all, you avoided using the word and for that if nothing else you get my respect), “Overrated” is when you don’t like something and most other people do. “Underrated” is when you like something and most other people don’t. I usually find myself tuning people out when they start using these words, as I find them to have no objective meaning, and have no worth except inasmuch as they tell me that someone else holds their own personal opinion in very high esteem.

Thirty minutes at the Dentist is funnier than Freinds.

Yeah, you’re right. Having only 99% of the people on TV use a flat non-accent just isn’t enough. We really need less variety. :rolleyes:

I was also unaware that folks had this violent hatred for Malcolm. That’s one of the funniest shows on TV! Most weeks it’s better than the Simpsons.

Now then, I hate most of the other shows already mentioned, including Will & Grace, Veronica’s Closet, Raymond, Friends, etc. I also hated the hell out of The Nanny. And, of course, every reality show ever. And every FOX show that tried to turn marriage into a gameshow (how many have there been now?).

If my attitude annoyed you it wasn’t my intention.

Everybody Loves Raymond is definitely one of the worst shows on television, and so overrated I can only assume that Ray Romano is mobbed up.