What's the worst long-running TV show?

I’d say the subject line’s pretty clear. A couple of criteria I’m sure everyone will start ignoring by post 5:

  1. By “long-running” I mean lasting four or more seasons.

  2. Try to restrict yourself to shows that sucked for more than half their run. F’instance, I think the last three seasons of The West Wing were vomitous trash, but the four Sorkin years outweigh them, so it’s out. Likewise, don’t list Star Trek: Voyager unless you think it blew chunks even before Seven of Nine was introduced .

  3. No reality series. They all suck, just in different ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

My nominations:

Worst long-lasting drama: Seventh Heaven.
Oddly enough I liked this show some years back. The mom was cute, the elder daughter was clearly an incipient hottie, and Simon & Ruthie were funny as hell. But as it’s grown older it’s grown duller and preachier and oh-my-god it sucks. The acting couldn’t be more wooden if they replaced Stephen Collins with Treebeard. Jessica Biel has done nothing wiser in her life than running far, far away from it.
Worst long-lasting action-adventure series: Charmed **
They regularly show Alyssa Milanoa and Rose McGowan half-naked. Not even that helps.
Wost long-lasting sitcom: Family Matters **
Originally planned to be shown exclusively on the television network of Hell. Satan refused; he said the damned souls had already suffered enough.

Anybody else?

Full House. Absolute dreck and foisted those Olsen twins on the world.

Well, I’ll jump right in with Star Trek: Voyager then. Because it blew chunks from the very first second until the last.

Worst Sit-Com: Everybody Loves Raymond. No…no they don’t. One-note “performances” and cliches do not a sitcom make.

I’d like to nominate According to Jim as worst long-running sitcom. Eccch.

Arli$$. Robert Wuhl was not funny, it was not funny, and it sucked up precious HBO watching time. (At the time there weren’t 12 HBOs from which to choose).

How this ran for 7 seasons is a total mystery to me.

*The Beverly Hillbillies * and The Love Boat.

I’ll take my prize in cash, please.

You took my answer early. I’ll also put in I Love Lucy as a close second.

Gunsmoke is the actual longest running TV sho and for the life of me I can’t see how it lasted so long other than it was the favorite show of CBS’ head honcho William Paley. Reruns are on TVLand at 6 AM and they’re terrible.

In Australia, we had a sitcom called “Hey Dad” which lasted for 7 seasons, and it was just the most wretched, egregious shite from day 1. "Hey Dad’ is now like a by-word for bad TV here.


Nine posts and none one has mentioned Friends yet? Wow. Seconding the Full House hate.

Oh! And Everybody Loves Raymond. How did people watch that show? Also, and everyone here is going to hate me for this, The Simpsons.

Eyewitness News.

Actually, any local television news broadcast at all, it doesn’t have the be on the ABC affiliate.


Much is forgiven with hot chicks.

Re EVR: Debra was quite comely.
Re simpons: you’re clearly unwell. :cool:

How did Seinfeld escape mid-season cancellation?!


Courtney Cox Arquette, hot? Yeah, no. Jennifer Aniston-- have you seen the womans ears? What the hell is wrong with her ears?! Lisa Kudrow was the only one who is remotely attractive. The guys on that show were ugly sin too. Matt LeBlanc? Gag.

Look, I’m sorry but the show just isn’t funny. It has how many people writing for it, twelve? You know that something is very wrong when there are SO many people working on it and at best it comes of as mediocre. I’m not saying that I’ve never enjoyed an episode of the show-- It’s just time to end it.

BrainGlutton and Peter Morris:Oh, come on. Even if you strongly dislike, even hate, “Seinfeld” (my wife perversely falls in the former category), how can you possibly, seriously nominate it for the worst? “Saved by the Bell,” “The Facts of Life,” “Eight is Enough,” “One Day at a Time,” and on and on, are so much worse on their best days than “Seinfeld” was on its worst, that I can’t understand how you could make such an assertion.

You’re not alone. I hate these shows with an unhealthy passion. Simpsons was OK for a while, but it just sank deeper and deeper into territory usually covered by Jerry Springer.

I hated Seinfeld the way fish hate air - it chokes the life out of a person. Why did people like this?

I nominate Los Vegas. Nikki Cox buggs the hell out of me. She has a name better suited for a porn star and it looks like the tendons in her neck are struggling to hold her tits up. Gah!

Yeah, I’ll nominate Seinfeld, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, who wants to watch the selfish antics of totally self absorbed cretins? Not I.

OH, NO YOU DIDN’T! <:mad:>

I stumbled on to this a couple minutes ago. First of all, that’s supposed to be comedy?

However, looking at Belushi it’s clear that this is one of the few series with an undead person as “leading man”.