Worst TV Shows, or-Why we call it The Idiot Box

What are the three worst television series you’ve ever seen? Rules:

  1. You must have personally seen it, not just heard about it.
  2. It must have been a actual series, not a pilot or movie. Minimum of 5 episodes.
  3. Miss you, Opal.

I’d vote for Small Wonder, but I’ve never seen it.

I’ll start the bidding at Benson, but I know we can do far worse.

  1. Small Wonder
  2. Meego
  3. Touched By An Angel
  1. Manimal
  2. Silver Spoon
  3. Empty Nest

Also, does anyone remember a show in the 80s featuring (warning: extremely vague recollection ahead!) a car that could turn invisible, and when visible, appeared to be made out of light? Maybe it was a spy show of some sort? The car appeared to have blue tape (or tape that would glow under a blacklight) outlining all the angles.

Found it - Automan!

If there is a show I hate more than Glee, it’s not yet coming to mind.

Mama’s Place
Cop Rock
Gilligan’s Island

I hate the show so much that I am even angry that other people watch Dancing with the Stars.

I don’t know if I can do just 3.

Just off the top of my head, in no particular order:

Two Broke Girls
The View
My Super Sweet Sixteen
The Real Housewives of [wherever]
Anything starting with “Tyler Perry Presents”

Happy Days - it may have started out OK, but devolved into something unholy
Laverne and Shirley - started unholy
The Sean Hannity Show - I soooo want to punch that smug bastard

The Tortellis

Cheers spin-off about Carla’s ex husband. Played by Dan Hedaya really annoying guy, bad actor (you might recall him if you see his picture.

Jean Kasem played his wife.

Absolutely horrid. Aired Jan-May 1987 and amazed it lasted that long. I guess being married to Casey Casem gets you some latitude.

My Mother The Car, a periennial favorite in this category, was a real show I really saw with my own eyes. The male lead, if memory serves, was Jerry Van Dyke, but Dick himself couldn’t have improved it any.

Any of the Kardashian shows
Herman’s Head
The Ropers
The Tortellis (Ninja’d on this one)

I used to watch this. It featured the voice of Ann Sothern as the car. Avery Schreiber played the villain who kept trying to steal the 1928 Porter.
Bad, but not, I think, among the worst.

  1. FOX News
  2. Jerry Springer
  3. Oprah

I think the show’s concept and fact it made to the prime time schedule of NBC is proof there was a lot of LSD going around Hollywood in the mid 1960s.

Czarcasm, judging by some of the responses, you might want to amend your rule number one or add a rule that says ‘you must have personally seen at least one full episode or more’.

I assume you’re limiting this to actual prime time series mostly aimed at adults, because there were some really awful live-action Saturday morning stuff on when I was a kid (that one with Ruth Buzzi?). Under that assumption:

  1. Too Close for Comfort

Has there ever been a show worse than that?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I watched about 20 minutes of an episode, but had to stop before my brain jumped out of my ear.

The Jerry Springer Show. Invite real people on your talk show, with the fervent hope that they get mad enough at one another to start fighting.

Lost Saucer!

There were four reasons why I watched that show as a teenaged boy, and they were Lydia Cornell and Deborah Van Valkenburgh. :wink:

  1. Ozzie and Harriet. The very epitome of 1950s whitebread dumb father TV. Leave it to Beaver was Hamlet in comparison to this.
    2). Land of the Giants. Irwin Allen must have had a private bet about how bad a show he could get on the network, and kept making them worse. This was so bottom of the barrel that it was under the barrel. Obnoxious characters you cared nothing about trapped in a bad special effects world. I think I saw five of these, but gave up in disgust when none of the cast got squashed by the giants.
  2. Space 1999. Spaceships going faster than light without explanation was bad enough, but the Moon? I knew from Mission Impossible that Martin Landau and Barbara Bain could act, so the only explanation for their poor performance here must be the direction.

I’m behind My Mother the Car being on the list also, if just as the stupidest premise ever for a TV show.

And you realize that a subtext of this thread is who is dumb enough to spend the time to watch five episodes of utter dreck. I plead youth myself, and the lack of the Internet at the time.