Worst TV Shows of All Time

That’s Incredible

Brady Bunch Variety Hour

America’s Funniest Home Videos

Real People

The last 7 years of Happy Days

The last 5 years of MASH


Pffft. These shows aren’t even close to the worst of all time. Well, maybe AfterMASH.

Remember “Small Wonder”?

“girls club”?


One of the worst - in the sense of most disappointing - series I can recall was “Timecop.” Absolutely wretched. I had rather enjoyed the movie, even though it had Jean-Claude Van Damme in it, but the series was a large, stinking pile of timecrap.

Oh wow “Manimal”. That premiered and ended the same year that "Mr Smith" did. Remember Mr Smith? He was a talking chimp with an IQ of 256. Hard to believe this was around 1985. Seems more like a mid-60’s idiot sitcom doesn’t it?

Hey might as well toss in “Supertrain”.

Possibly , THE WORST TV show of all-time was a prime-time game show hosted by Jackie Gleason called “You’re In The Picture”. It lasted one episode. The next week, Jackie spent the half hour apologizing for the previous week’s show. He was hilarious. (He said something like “That H-Bomb we just tested in Nevada was NOTHING compared to the show we did last week!!!”) He was a class act. I beleive he spent the next 11 half-hours hosting an informal half hour talk show which was pretty good actually.

Still, I’m glad that I was around to have seen that one episode.

How about The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer? Wow. I didn’t know that Chi McBride played Desmond.

Or how about Shasta McNasty?

The Swan was just about the most reprehensible bit of TV ever to come down the pike.

May as well toss in CopRock. I actually saw that one. It was atrocious.

Also, can’t do much worse than The Paula Poundstone Show - cancelled after one episode.

Tim Conway’s "Laugh-In clone … can’t remember the name … lasted just one episode, and was supposedly not worthy of that ep.

I liked Small Wonder. :frowning:

Now Homeboys in Outer Space sucked. As did Hammerman.

Anybody remember this weird show that was on Fox back in the early days and was about a group of people who woke up after a nuclear holocaust to find themselves sequestered on a small farm? And they all had little patches of white in their hair. And it was a sitcom. It was very strange…

the name was whoops! if you were wondering…

That would be “Turn-On”.

Technically, Conway was only the guest host, but, as they never aired another episode, he might as well have been full-time.

Sounds almost as good as a comedy based on a WWII POW camp.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit the following: Holmes and Yo-Yo . Yeah, I watched it. It was comedy gold for a 7-year-old, but I don’t think I was their target demographic.

Upon Googling, I see that’s right. I dunno if it was the worst show ever but it sure was one of the strangest…

Anything with one or more of the following words in the title: Brady, Partridge, Scooby, or Extreme.

I think you’re referring to Woops! I vaguely remember that show, but I had to hit Google to get the title. IIRC, it didn’t last very long.

I know that this will garner some opposition, but I really don’t think that any discussion about the worst shows of all time is complete with out mentioning Gilligan’s Island.

Do one-shot “specials” count? Because the Star Wars Holiday Special was probably the worst thing ever broadcast on network television.

American Idol
The Apprentice

et al