7th Heaven...I Think I Missed Something

I watched 7th Heaven almost religiously for a few years.* But then I missed quite a bit. Now I’m watching again, and I’m confused… Wasn’t Simon in a wheelchair following the car accident? Or did they drop that storyline mysteriously? When did Mary have a baby? Or did it come with the husband?
Help me catch up.

*Yes, the shame runs deep. Don’t rub it in.

From what I’ve seen since I also used to religiously watch 7th Heaven.

I don’t remember Simon being in a wheelchair. He was sort of a man-whore when he went to college. Pretty gross actually. Then he stopped and he’s serious about this one girl. They might get married.

Mary married Carlos, a guy who stayed at the house, but then went to stay with his dad again. They had a baby. Then I guess Mary didn’t want to be a mom anymore because she then up and left. No one knows where Mary is now.

Lucy had a baby with Kevin. Her name is Savannah.

And as for the new cast, I have no idea where they all came from.

What happened to the assistant priest? The guy who dated Roxanne…his name escapes me.

So much has happened that it’s CrAzY now!

Mary does visit Carlos & the baby when she can. Her location is known. (Esquire’s Sexiest Woman, my ass. I find Beverly Mitchell/Lucy to be much hotter. Heck- I could go further & sound like a total perv!)

I don’t recall Simon being chair-bound either & his man-slut (to be more accurate) stage was revealed in therapy to be acting out from the unresolved grief of having killed the kid in the auto accident (Gee- I need such unresolved grief to act out!) Him marrying Rose- not if Eric & the Colonel & the Moms have anything to say about it!

Roxanne joined the military to fight in Iraq. Btw, I had no idea she was “Cher” (Alicia Silverstone’s character) in the TV series of Clueless.

The Assistant Pastor AFAIK has gone his own way. Lucy has his job now.
She needs to improve her homiletical skills.

Martin was a high-school friend of Simon’s who came to stay at Hotel Camden when his Dad was stationed in Iraq. He has knocked up Hilary Duff’s sister & doesn’t want to deal with it (I think Lucy helps him see the light in the newest ep which I’m now watching).

Oh- and I have no shame!