8 hz

Does anyone know of any signifigance to 8 hz?

Yes, it’s a company in Germany.

German version.

English version.

Erm, in the context of…?

[sub](My guess being the ‘resonant frequancy of the human brain’, which I think is BS)[/sub]

why do you think it’s bullshit about it being the resonant frequency of the brain?

Why should the brain have a resonant frequency at all?

it’s been my understanding that everything has a resonant frequency. hey, i’ve been wrong once or twice!

Your thinking of the example in Turbo C from the mid 80’s where a story was told about a manufacturing plant build near a chicken farm. The plant put out a 7 Hz signal that purportedly caused the chickens to die. The cause given was that the brain case of the chicken’s heads resonated at 7 Hz.

(BTW I don’t know it’s BS, it’s just that when I do a Google on ‘resonant frequency brain 8 hertz’, I get almost nothing but websites about crystal healing, alien visitation, Biorythms, Ley Lines, Moon landing hoaxes, Chemtrails and Feng Shui)

I’m betting that Marhmallows and cheese don’t have a resonant frequency.

ahh, also that bridge in Washington that went all wacky and buckled like an insane worm until it collapsed because high winds were somehow matching itls resonant frequency essentially causing it to disintegrate and come aprt.

Hey, if 8Hz is lumped with these “misunderstood” things, than there must be something to it.

re:the new age hits from google. i see your point but i vaguely reacll some scientific mumbo jumbo about resonant frequencies as well.

however cheese matches the resonant frequency of constipation

adam yax are you familiar with sacred geometry?

A resonant frequency is a frequency who’s wavelength is positive multiple of the resonating device. To resonate you must have a device which resonates. Many instruments from strings to woodwinds resonate which produces many of their beautiful tones. Rooms resonate, which is why you’re supposed to put your speakers in a configuration which would dampen this, like 1/3 or 2/3’s into the room rather than in the corners.

Our brains are far more complex than a empty beer bottle (which also resonates), their frequencys are generalizations of complex electrical patterns occuring within. They run on many frequencys such as the alert Alpha and the sleepy Delta. Maybe 8Hz has some particular signifigance when it comes to something (like relaxation or mnemonic skills), but attaching ‘resonant frequency’ to it kinda sounds like at 4:30 in the morning when Comedy Central starts playing informercials for ionized metal bracelets.

No, I sure am not familiar with sacred geometry. Please enlighten me.

I think I saw something about Sacred Geometry in one of those websites that Google trawled up; is it anthing to do with ppositioning of the Giza pyramids, Stonehenge and the Golden Ratio?

Xello, you’d probably pique our interest a little more if you’d tell us what the context is, or why you wanna know. :confused:

General Questions is for questions that have a factual, “yes” or “no” answer, or a “please enlighten me about something” answer. But just “hey, what does 8 hz mean?” well, outside of the fact that it stands for 8 hertz…

But if you’re just throwing miscellaneous thoughts out there to see if anyone responds, we already have a forum for that–MPSIMS.

If you just wanna shoot the breeze about sacred geometry, or brain resonance, or stuff like that, we have MPSIMS, or IMHO, or even Great Debates.

And, FTR, I put just plain “8 hz”, as featured in the OP, into Google and didn’t get any New Age hits at all, just the aforementioned German company and a paper on CALIBRATION OF THE MELT EXPERIMENT OCEAN BOTTOM SEISMOMETERS.

So what’s your question, anyway? :confused:

xello, what, precisely, is your General Question here?

Eight inverse seconds, eight cycles per second, also eight hertz, is a unit of frequency. Named in honor of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, German physicist and contemporary of James Clerk Maxwell. Applicable to any event which occurs eight times per second, including but not limited to manufacturing processes, peaks or troughs of electromagnetic waves, and Manhattan’s rapidly worsening facial tic.

8 Hertz is the resonant frequency of the earth, as calculated by Tesla.