$8-mil for an 80-gig hard drive? WTF?


Two bids, $8,000,100. And get this: “free dildo show by englands finest if item is won for more then $4m”. Then there’s this 40-gig listed by the same guy, the winning bidder of which says it was never received and the seller didn’t respond to email.

Something very strange going on here.

Well, his username says it all.

Yeah, but that doesn’t explain the $8-mil first bid, though. :slight_smile:

Before opening, I figured that perhaps the hard drive was full of some information, but perhaps someone learned that if they make outrageous bids on ebay, it’s fun and the bid will get thrown out.

I once saw an XBox 360 go for something in the 6-digit range.

Oh crap, wrong tab. My apologies for reviving :smack:

Zombies! Bid for 'em on E-Bay.