80s Toys Are Coming Back

I saw a commercial for “My Pet Monster” or something like that this morning while watching “Sponge Bob Square Pants” on Nick. The horned purple beast with the bright orange handcuffs that are snapped off. Never had one as a kid personally (I was actually scared of them–I don’t know why), but was amused to see that advertised. Also know that Transformers are coming back. Anyone know of any others?

Aaaargh, the eighties!
Begone foul and midnight decade!
Death to anything eighties!
Arrggh…mullets…I’m melting…I’m melting…arggghhhhhhhhhhh…

Transformers have BEEN back for some time now. As have Star Wars figures. There’s talk of GI Joes (the 80s versions) coming back, if they haven’t already. Masters of the Universe are returning.

Why? Because all of us who grew up with this stuff can now afford to buy them. The days of “Okay, you can have ONE Star Wars figure” are over.

Popples. My sister saw a commercial for them the other day. Course, I still have the one I got when I was 6…

My daughter saw the commercial for the new Popples. She said, “I want one!” I told her that the next time she was at her grandma’s house, she should check her aunt’s closet :).

My husband is very disappointed with the quality of the new Transformers. He says that they are very “Go-Bot-like”, implying an inferior product.

Yeah, the new Transformers are too…too…Japenese. The Beast Wars ones were cool (and mad props to the poor designers who had to get a robot to turn into a rhino, rat, dinosaur, etc…) But the new ones, along with the series, make me ashamed to say I’m a transfan. (That’s ‘nerd-talk’ for transformer buff, :D)

“I’ll stop the world and melt with you!”

We’ll have a Perfection game going at the Dope-A-Ween. We know how to entertain!

The return of the '80s toys? Hell, there are toys first produced in the '50s, '60s and '70s that never really left!
[li]Easy-Bake Oven[/li][li]Lite-Brite[/li][li]Play-Doh[/li][li]Spirograph[/li][li]Mr. Potato Head[/li][li]Tonka[/li][li]Kerplunk[/li][li]Even Lincoln Logs, which were first introduced in 1916. And Tinkertoys are from 1913.[/li]I’m sure there’s more but I don’t feel like finding 'em.

There’s also a new “battling tops” sort of game that is little but a cheap imitation of the 1968 original with a smaller “arena”.


I knew I shouldn’t have given my Members Only jacket and jazz oxfords to the Purple Heart Veterans.

I still have my Tabletop Arcade “Donkey Kong” game and my Colecovision, though. . .

Rmember that you heard it here first, folks!

80’s fashion’s are coming back in style- I kid you not. Over here in Prague I’m seeing colored eyeglasses (a rave thing) transform into rhinestone studded shades. Next, people are starting to wear big hair. Plus, the jeans and jean-skirts are all sold with frayed edges.

Look out for thin tie’s!

I guess it eventually had to happen, but damn, so soon?!?


Your worst fears have come true. I saw a comercial them on TV just the other day. Gosh I loved the 80’s. Course I only lived in them 5 years, but they have GREAT music!

I coulda told you that. Several months ago, punk 80s styles were all the rage. I couldn’t open a magazine without some crazy weird eyeshadow and at least a faux mowhawk or two.

~ I had a toy from the 80’s that I’ll never forget… It was
a super-duper strong man type thing that stunk like hell…
You could tear his arms off and then put it right back
together… that thing had to have been made from stuff
stuck to the bottoms of toxic waste bins or something…
I mean it stunk, stank, stunk…

What!? No My Little Ponies? Those were the best :slight_smile:

The other day I saw a commercial for this back-pac thing that was supposed to double as a locker or something. I can’t remember what it was called, but I remembered those from when I was a kid (in the 80’s). The funniest part was that it was the same commercial that they used to show. The little girls were wearing 80’s clothes and everything. It was pretty funny.

I saw Popples the other day! Couldn’t believe my eyes.

We have in our basement every My Little Pony ever made, according to my wife (OK, 1 example of every one).

What I want are a couple of those smash-up-derby cars. Remember the kind that had the little zip-strap that you pulled through it, let 'er rip on the floor and when it something the doors and hood would fly off? Those were kewl.

Sorry, the little post Arab-fricking-oil embargo G.I. Joe doesn’t cut the mustard. The original 11" tall plastic fighting man is the only one for me. My Joe kicked ass in backyard when I was a tyke. A family friend even sewed some civvies for him, a little Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans. Just the thing for liberty call.

It’s baaaaaaaack …

Mattel Football.


I hope Cabbage Patch Dolls make a comeback. I’m fairly sure you can still get them… they’re just not cool like they used to be. I want the fad to come back!

Kids these days just can’t sympathise when I say I was sooo jealous of the girl who played Punky Brewster because she had over 60 Cabbage Patch Dolls. They’re all like “Jealous of who?” and “What patch dolls?”. Pfff. Where’s the culture gone?

I wish I could find my Rainbow Brite doll, but at least I know where Strawberry Shortcake is - she still smells like strawberries!

~Ohhhhh…hay’yull! I bet you still have to run 350 yards
for a touchdown…