87 Spam messages today

So I merrily checked my email today, a daily habit of mine.

And what did I find? Did I find anything from my friends? from relatives? Or from a cute girl asking for a date?


Far be it from me to be fortunate enough to get a real message from a real human being.

Eighty Seven fucking messages, all from today, all spam.

Fuck you, you stupid annoying greedy fucks, for filling my mailbox with shit that I don’t want to be there. I have NEVER bought ANYTHING that you have advertised, EVER. And neither has anyone I know. Can’t you get a fucking clue? I will relish the day that your black hearts stop beating and the world is relieved of your miserable existence.

If you use your Yahoo e-mail, try playing around with their spamguard. It’s helped a lot for my own account.

Man, good luck. I’ve got a Yahoo acount, and even with Spamguard, I usually get ~100 spam messages a day that are filtered properly, and maybe an additional 30 that aren’t. This is insane! Where is the anti-spam legislation?

Stuck behind the RIAA sponsored bill to make you pay for every elevator music song you hear.

I get several hundred spam messages per day. That is way, way down from what it used to be, now that I’m the “test subject” for the inter.net server-side spam filtering software. (Nice to be married to the sysadmin, innit)

Of the spam I do get, about 80% of it gets properly filtered.

I love the spam domain I have that lets me set email addresses to whatever username I want… say I sign up at Lame Site A. I use the email address lamesitea@(my spam domain). All mail that comes to *@(my spam domain) gets filtered into its own folder (which gets tossed in the garbage every other day or so). Every once in a while I poke through it to see who has been selling my name. Like that “win a whole half of a dead cow from Omaha steaks” spam that is addressed to onlinemerchantb@(my spam domain)… interesting. I have a whole lot of random spam (lately it is for Motorola phones) addressed to chocolate@(my spam domain) … I don’t remember what site it was but it was something to do with chocolate. Lol.

I only use my college email to contact other people at school or relatives. However, once I used my college email to register for one of those board services where anyone can create a message board for free. Because of that, I’d get maybe one or two spam emails a month.

Recently, I emailed Tubadiva about an extra user name I’d created due to a misunderstanding (remember when the boards were down last year and we had to use that surrogate for a couple weeks?). Since then I’ve been getting one or two spam emails DAILY. I haven’t contacted anyone new since then, and the appearance of the spam messages corresponds to when I emailed TD.

Is it possible that some bastards, possibly AOL themselves, have been ransacking her outbox for email addresses?

The person who invents a way of getting revenge on spammers will make a fortune.

I am a woman. I really don’t want a bigger penis. I am not interested in seeing anyone named Jennifer naked. Leave me alone!

Why dont we start an email that just says “Boycott spammers. Pass it on”?

Have any of you tried the highest level filter? I initiated mine on hotmail about 6 months ago, and no spam since. Only mail coming from the people in my address book can get through. I just made sure I had everyone I wanted to hear from entered in the address book, and if I get a new address, I just add it.

I have the same problems with my yahoo account. I get somewhere between 100-150 spam messages per day. All but 30-40 get filtered into my “bulk mail” folder, but I still have to go through the ones in my inbox to get to the messages that are really important. I use the “this is spam” option every day, and I still get the same messages through. I am to the point of needing to change my email address. I don’t mind sorting through, but I have people who send me rather large emails that I need, and I don’t want to pay extra for my mailbox in order to have space for all of the spam.

I would pay money to anyone who figures out a foolproof way to stop this. It would be more worth it to me than to pay for a bigger mailbox that I don’t need.

Something i discovered with the Yahoo “this is spam” thing - you can check BOTH boxes at the second screen. I was always just checking “report this message”, but I was still getting a lot of spam from the same source (a mango casino spammer especially) and then I realized I can check both boxes - both reporting the message and blocking the address. Maybe you all are smarter than me and already figured that out, but it was a big :smack: for me.

For a while there I was forwarding all my spam to a president@whitehouse.gov address.

After a day or two I used vice.president@whitehouse.gov
I think I’m on the whitehouse spam filter :frowning:

There is one congressman who needs a smarter staff however :slight_smile:

Minor hijack - when filling out a form on a website and you think a spammer is going to use the e-mail address, is there some e-mail address that you can put that would cause the spammer to spam his own ISP abuse desk?? Someone once told me “abuse@localhost” would do the trick, but I don’t see how that would work.

DarrenS, that will work if you replace localhost with the local host, ie, abuse@aol.com or abuse@earthlink.com as most ISPs have a mailbox named abuse, failing that try postmaster

I know that Mailwashercan now run your hotmail or MSN mail through it to eliminate spam, it may be worth fleeing other webmails to be able to add that functionality. I do love that proggie so