87th Academy Awards viewing thread

It appears that yet again, there is no way to stream this year’s show unless you live in 8 major markets. Anyone know a way to watch over the internet or on an Ipad?

Predictions? Anyone expecting an significant upsets? Cheering for or against anyone?

This year has a solid fight for best picture, too. Thoughts?

Also, final chance to enter our annual pool.

Best actor will go to the white guy.

I think I’m going to need streaming too if anyone comes up with a link.

I’m very easy-going about this year. None of my favorite movies were nominated except for Inherent Vice’s two minor nods (they’re not minor to me or the nominated, but they’re not in the much-deserved Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor categories, dammit) so I can watch these pretty relaxed. If Boyhood takes anything other than the locked Best Supporting Actress I’ll be thrilled.

I only watch for the pre-game fashion snark :smiley:


Seems an obvious carve up to me:

Film: Boyhood
Director: Birdman
Actor: Redmayne
Actress: Moore

If Sniper wins anything I’ll throw up.

To pass the time, how well do you know your Oscar trivia?

(feel free to friend me as well, if you ID yourself)

Which one?

It just won’t be the same without Joan Rivers.

Yeesh, I can’t find any kind of stream to save my life. I was going to throw it up on my Ipad while I watched a movie(breaking for Walking Dead, of course).

I can’t believe ABC won’t stream the thing. I’m pretty much forced to flip over to it and, well honestly, try to find a bootleg stream. Feels very backwards for them. I watch tennis and saw the Superbowl this year all on my Ipad and totally legit.

I ended up working today and I’m on the way home on a bus. I might make it home in time for the start. Luckily my husband fixed it so I could use his monitor, which also works as a television, to watch over-the-air HD. If I see a link for streaming I’ll post it.

If anything interesting happens on the red carpet, do tell!

I hope you projectile vomit all night.

Dakota Johnson was just a total snot to her mother about her mom not wanting to see 50 Shades.

Reese witherspoon’s dress is beautiful.

Robin Roberts just pointed out Meryl Streep while saying, “You never know who you’re going to see at the Oscars!”

Umm … isn’t Meryl a freakin’ Oscar institution by now? Although she was talking with Jonah Jameson (I mean, J.K. Simmons) while Channing Tatum walked by. I don’t think being surprised at Meryl’s attendance is quite, well, aware.

I loved the opening number and the homage to “Into The Woods.” Also, Melanie Griffith needs to stop having face lifts. It gave her a permanent bitch face.

Wow. That Oprah joke went over like a fart in church. Might be the worst joke in Oscar history, even worse than “Uma, Oprah”.

Nice shot of Robert Duvall looking on cluelessly as NPH and Jack Black were doing their thing for the opening number.

Also, when the stormtroopers/gangsters/Roman centurions showed up, I thought - why not just have the costume nominees come marching out? Take care of it during the opening number and save time!

That opening went so far over the top it came back around again. I loved it.

This year’s set is pretty cool.

Nothing will match that lowlight. And I love Letterman.

I’m sure Robin Roberts is a wonderful woman, but there is something about the way she is reporting tonight that is really annoying me.

I’m also interested to see how Neil Patrick Harris does. I feel like the Emmy awards should be loose and sort of goofy, and the Oscars a little more formal. Ellen seemed more like an Emmy emcee to me.

Too many years of watching Bob Hope and Johnny Carson, I guess.

Lupita Nyongo almost thought she was back at the SAG awards … “and the Actor goes to - I mean, the Oscar goes to …”

Nice to see JK Simmons get recognized for his outstanding work as Jonah Jameson/the Farmers Insurance guy! No, seriously, he’s awesome in everything (The Ladykillers!).