84th Academy Awards 2012 - ongoing discussion thread

The show is tomorrow. Billy Crystal is hosting again, which I actually kind of like. Would have liked to see Eddie Murphy, though, so it is a shame it fell through.

Anyway, we can talk about the show here, post winners as they are announced, and just generally chat about it and give our opinions.

I’m glad they have made efforts to shorten the show this year, though I do still think Sound Effects and Sound Effects Editing should be moved over to the technical awards show.

I also wish Woody Allen would actually attend, since he has a real shot at winning this year.

[SIZE=“1”]Oh, and last chance to join the Doper Oscar Pool, too. [/SIZE]

Here is Yahoo!'s video of Crystal’s entrances and finer moments. Not really sure these are the funniest moments he’s had, though.

In the pre-internet bashing days, I rather assumed he was the most popular and well liked host since Bob Hope or Johnny Carson. I’m surprised to hear so many people don’t like him.

I still think Steve Martin kicked butt the year he did it alone, though. Not the year with Alec Baldwin as much.

Oh, I think Billy was quite good last year. The jokes here are not funny, but his Bob Hope story is quite good. He should have stayed and hosted the rest of the show.

Is this going to be one of the least-watched Oscar shows ever? I like Billy Crystal OK, but I really am not very excited over any of the movies.

I am. While it’s no Return of the King or There Will Be Blood/No Country For Old Men year, I’ve seen most* of the movies and think it’s a fantastic year.

Anyway, ratings don’t matter. They ebb and flow.

Aw, I love this Moms of nominees segment.

  • I’ve seen all but 11 of 61 nominated features and all but one of 15 Shorts.

After having only seen 1 best picture nominee in 2011, I did a marathon this weekend.

My favorite to least ranking = Hugo > The Artist > War Horse > The Help > The Descendants > Moneyball >>>>>>> Midnight In Paris (literally put me to sleep last night, so I didn’t even finish it).

Didn’t get a chance to get to Extremely Loud or The Tree of Life, but I’m sure the latter will be either at the top or bottom of my ranking. I’m rooting for Rise of the Planet of Apes to win a trophy too.

I think I’m pretty good for tonight. Did anyone actually see Albert Nobbs? That’s the one film I’ll actually be rooting AGAINST.

Why? I saw it and thought it was very good. IMO, Glenn Close deserves her nomination but even more, Janet McTeer not only deserves her nomination, she deserves to win. She won’t, but I’ll be rooting for her.

Also, I won a substantial cash prize in a multi-office pool by picking every single nominee correctly last year. Unfortunately, I no longer work for that company so I won’t be able to go 2 for 2, so this year the watch-along is just gonna be for fun (on the TV that my winnings paid for, no less!). Since I can back 6 of the 9 best picture nominees, it won’t really matter much to me who wins, just as long as Albert Nobbs and Midnight in Paris don’t snag everything. Albert Nobbs just looks to me like it was made as Oscar bait, even more than The King’s Speech was last year. And makeup is the one category that Harry Potter stands a good chance of winning, were it not for Nobbs.

I predict you’ll be very happy at the end of the night.

I never miss 'em, but I’ve been perhaps the most slack I’ve ever been. I’ve seen only one Best Picture nominee (The Artist). Jeepers.

Oh, Penelope Cruz is on, in an Armani dress that looks like it had been made for Grace Kelly. She carries it just fine. Hubba hubba.

Penelope Cruz would look elegant in anything.

Including “nothing.”

I vote for “nothing.”

Penelope is taking some criticism for cutting her hair. I love it.

Penelope was gorgeous, yes. Also loved Milla, who was stunning too. She is so beautiful always anyway, inside and out. I’ve met her and she’s a sweetheart.

OMFG I’m just as in love with Natalie now as I was in the 90s.

And we’re off.

Holy shit, Morgan Freeman’s hosting this year?

Man, if I didn’t catch up on the nominees this weekend, that montage would have made NO sense to me…

That opening started out pretty funny. But, went way too long.

Yeah, the opening montage fell pretty flat.

To be even more shallow, that’s one strangely-cut tux Billy’s wearing.

I found this rundown on a blog. I don’t know how much to trust it so I’m putting it in spoiler tags and will check it every now and then to see if it’s accurate.

[spoiler]Here is the the 84th Oscar telecast line-up. All times are PST:

5:30pm: Show starts, Billy Crystal’s opening number.

5:40: 1st award – Cinematography.

5:43: Art Direction.

5:52: Costume Design.

5:54: Makeup.

6:03: Foreign Language Film.

6:07: Supporting Actress.

6:20: Editing.

6:23: Sound Editing

6:26: Sound Mixing.

6:33: Cirque du Soleil

6:37: Documentary Feature.

6:41: Animated Feature.

6:49: Visual Effects.

6:53: Supporting Actor.

7:04: Score.

7:08: Song (expect a possible Muppet surprise here).

7:17: Adapted Screenplay.

7:20: Original Screenplay.

7:31: Live Action Short.

7:34: Documentary Short.

7:37: Animated Short.

7:44: Direction.

7:58: In Memoriam.

8:07: Best Actor.

8:15: Best Actress.

8:27: Best Picture.[/spoiler]