9/11 threads, where, pray-tell, are they?

Have all the 9/11 era threads gone the way of the Dodo bird, or are my search skills suspect?

I just wanted to brouse through the threads of that fateful day since it happened before I was a member.

Any advice?

Here’s one:

You’re right, there seem to be some threads I remember which are no longer findable. It would be easier if one could search by OP date, not by last post date.

This is the page where the 9/11 threads start in MPSIMS:


If you just start there and then browse through the subsequent pages in the forum, you should find what you’re looking for. I don’t know why the search function wouldn’t turn the threads up, but I couldn’t get it to find them, either. I just went back in time in MPSIMS until I got to September 2001.

Public Service Announcement:

There are some really inflammatory comments in some of these 9/11 threads; a lot of highly respected posters saying things that would have been banworthy on any other day. Feelings ran so high that many 9/11 threads were closed and I suspect many were deleted.

I humbly offer that these people should be cut lots and lots of slack, and people not held accountable 3 years later for what they said that day. The horror of the attaks outweighs anything anyone said, by orders of magnitude.


The threads that took place in realtime on that day are a piece of history, I believe. They ought to be preserved and I hope they all are.

I can’t find many of them either. This thread was restarted after 9/11: Where will Bush start a war first?

I remember a nice pit thread where someone had the balls to ask “does anyone else think Osama is hot?” Can’t find it anywhere.

Here’s the same for the pit: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/forumdisplay.php?f=5&page=97&sort=lastpost&order=asc&pp=50&daysprune=-1

World Trade Center plane crash, the “original” 9/11 thread in MPSIMS, if you will. Surreal to read it again. :frowning:

Oddly enough, one thread that absolutely cracked me up at the time: Possible ONION Headlines (Warning: WTC Humor)

It was a spot-on application of humour in times of darkness.

I just read Coldie’s link.


Indeed. That thread is also home to 10 simulposts regarding the fall of the second tower, let’s hope that record isn’t broken by something of a similar nature.

Hey Jeff, nice to see you again. :wink:

Just clearing up something I said in another thread. :slight_smile:

I have that one bookmarked. I read it every year on the anniversary.

Funny Jeff, I was going to start a thread on this subject. I was wondering if this one is the epitome, or if there were other “important” threads going on as well.

Funny how the second thread on that page is by someone called theendisnear.

ivylass, are you sure you don’t mean Uncommon Sense?

Did you see dalovindj’s, moving rant titled: Worst day of 2001, posted before the attacks? I’ll bet he felt a little upstaged by events.


Clearly, that is something I lack.

Not long after 9/11, I printed out the original thread, linked by Coldfire, and the thread about world reaction. You never know when something from the net may disappear, and I felt that I would want to have those threads forever. Three years later they are still sitting on top of my PC. Whenever I am reminded of that day and want to remember what it was really like, I re-read them.

My answer to the question: “What were you doing on 9/11?” is “I was on the Straight Dope.”

Spoiler, could you post the link to the thread about world reaction. I’d like to keep that one too.

On re-reading those posts… whatever became of Vix? Is the current poster with that name the same one everybody was looking for?

Yes, vix is still posting. In fact, she posted yesterday in What are the 5 most interesting things about you?

I remember that on the day of the attack, shortly after all of the hysteria about her someone posted that she was all right. IIRC, she was evacuated from the lobby of one of the towers. She has since moved to Florida.

Yep. I’m still here but mostly I lurk.