9/11 was an inside job

Here is a link to 2 1/2 hours of expert testimony from Architechs and engineers for 9/11 truth, demanding a second independant investigation into 9/11:


Crime of the century, and they got away with it. Now two pointless wars and the patriot act later, they are still at large and no one is looking for them.

No one is going to watch 2 and a half hours of video in support of yet another conspiracy theory about the Twin Towers being blown up by invisible ninjas from FEMA with alien explosives liberated from Area 51 in support of the New World Order.

yeah, but how do you know that’s what the video is about? you’ve watched it, haven’t you!

Nah; I forgot to put on my tinfoil hat this morning and the government mind control rays gave me a preview trailer.

You left out the part fnord about the Illuminati.
For the OP, link dumping to whackjob conspiracy sites is lame. We’ve debunked this bullshit approximately eleventy-bajillion times. You don’t have anything new. You haven’t uncovered “The Truth”. Nobody is going to watch that garbage.

But…but…his name is Repent. You *have *to!

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You know the rules and so do I
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You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.

Only threads like this can bring people like **Oakminster **and Der Trihs together on the same side. I love them for that reason alone.

Doesn’t it give you all a warm fuzzy feeling? Kind of like when Reagan mused about how if Earth was invaded by aliens, how quickly our differences with the soviets would melt away.

Why would anyone wear a tinfoil hat when they could take a regular hat and line the inside with tinfoil? They’d get the same protection, but be much more stylish and the Illuminati wouldn’t be able to tell that they’re onto them. Some people just don’t make sense.

Unless the invaders were communist angels led by Comrade Jesus; then both sides would be really confused about what to do.

Yes it was an inside job and we’re all in on it.

We’re also onto you.

See you soon!


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:eek: Who’d a thunk it??

Exactly. I thought the mopping up arrangements concluded last month. But apparently some of them have made it through to June alive.

It’s much more complicated than the video suggests. Conspiracy theories have been spread so that morons like you will adopt them and by association make the official story look like the truth. What really happened is that tapes of the faked moon landing were stored in the basement of the WTC. Now that people have stopped taking the “vaccinations” the govt mandates on school children they are waking up to see that all of modern science is a lie invented by ants. Their combined weight exceeds that of humans by 50 fold and they have used us to create refined sugar and other food for the ants. Without our help the ants would starve to death. Ants, being small, easily penetrated airport security and climbed in the ears of unwitting passengers forcing them to hijack the planes and crash them into the World Trade Center towers.

Is it summer break for junior high school already?

Golly, we’ve been invaded by forces from the planet Paranoid!! :eek: :smiley:

Bah. Duped puppets of the Jesuit Jewmasons.

As Science Reporter Peter Hadfield advises, check the source and the reliability of the cite.


So, to begin with, who is one of the experts mentioned in the video? There is a well renown biologist: Lynn Margulis…

Wait, you can not see a problem here already? Are you saying that a Biologist is like an Architect or an Engineer?

Well that is a red flag, but not a show stopper, what is what she claimed took place on 911? Funny, she points out that evidence was removed from the scene of the crime so science could not be done, then she points that scientific evidence shows that red/grey crystals were found that point to high temperature incendiaries. Sure, only she can do the science after claiming it was impossible. :rolleyes:

In reality samples were obtained soon and no evidence of high temperature incendiaries was found, IIUC truthers then go for exotic things like nano-termite forgetting the cost and difficulty on making plenty of the stuff and that the deployment of that material would still be impossible to miss by many.


Sad to say, but what we have here is another example of a scientist that in their latter years think that they can jump to other disciplines at the drop of a hat.

What we have here is another example of why you should check your sources, and in the era of Google it is really irresponsible not to do some checking on where the information comes from and if active experts in the field are the ones being cited.

Wow, that’s amazing. We had no idea.

But thanks for telling us. Now we know. So your work here is done. You probably should go share this information with somebody else.

She blinded me with SCIENCE!

5 points to the first old fogey that gets this without googling