9/20 Trading Spaces thread

I didn’t get that feeling, but I must also admit that lately I’ve been reading during the show and only looking up when I hear Paige’s voice. Regardless, I can’t see Ty having any excuse to complain. I get the impression that he has trouble with competent drawings.

Hmm, that should’ve read:

Oh, and Paige in the SportsBra type thing? Yummy, but a little pandering I think. Not on the level of the “Does Gen know she’s wearing a skirt???” episode, but it was a little over the top (wink, nudge, etc.)

My only hope that Doug has not gone off his meds is that, in talking with the HOs, he weaseled out of them a prison fetish and wound up given them exactly what they secretly wanted.

But, more likely, he’s drooling mad.

I’m not sure where you got that idea, but Doug is definitely an interior designer…

In fact, I recall the zebra striped bedroom he did for TS that he said was a copy of a room he did in a design house (and he had a magazine picture of the room he’d done). However, that “Prison of Love” horror movie dungeon was beyond the pale, even for Doug.

It’s just not fair! I still haven’t seen it yet!
I really hope the Prison Of Love room is on today. I’m dying to see it after all your comments.
We finally got our cable back yesterday around noon, and the repeat was the infamous “Sunburst Kasey” room.

IMO, Doug can do nice, reasonable rooms when he wants to. Sometimes, though, he likes to go for the shock-value. I always thought the Zebra room was hideous. It looked like a theme room in a tacky Vegas motel.
I know the HOs laughed and said it was great, but supposedly they dismanteled it and sold it all (on Ebay, I think) soon after the show aired.

I beg your pardon; I must have misread it. :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s where I’d seen him. Thanks.

But what did they do with Theresa? She wasn’t my favorite host, but why switch now?

Just bumping this up to say:

Saw a promo for another “They Hated It” special (next Monday night.) The three rooms featured will be the ubiquitous “Crying Pam” fireplace room, Crazy Jessie’s brown room, and (drumroll please…)

Rick’s orange and blue Howard Johnson’s dining room!

Congratulations, Rick. You’ve just set a new record for opening night infamy!

I saw that promo… loved Doug singing and dancing! Who knew?