No Trading Spaces 9/13 thread? Y'all are really slipping...

Two new episodes. Episode one was the first time I’d seen the new designer. From some of the smack being talked about her in re her TS Family work I thought she’d be a horror but I wasn’t displeased by her design. Thank god she ran out of time to frame that puzzle, though, because that would have been awful. Interesting to see Paige sit down with the designer and make her return things to go under budget. How the hell does Frank get away with being over? Doug’s room…usually I like purple but all those squares and patterns of it were just too much for me.

Episode two, everyone’s designers they love to hate, Hildi and Kia. Shock of shocks, I really liked Kia’s room. Nice color, good use of the darker blue to break it up (except for the incorrectly sized square behind the mirrors, should have been fixed, it wouldn’t have taken that long if they had the paint). The metal sculpture men were neat, but I’m not sure about the rebar headboard. It looked uneven, for one thing, like there was a vertical missing. Hildi’s room…Hildi, Hildi, Hildi. You can call it coral sand or salmon mousse or labia surprise for all I care, but it’s pink as pink thre ever was. That pink and purple striped fabric for the drapes was godawful. I liked the furniture and the slipcovers, and the bar from the old stereo was a cool idea. The “artwork” was a joke and the copper balls on the wall were ridiculous. And Hildi knew they were ridiculous, even while she was making them. “They’ll say, ‘what was she thinking’?” indeed. The lamps were interesting; were the shades mounted to the wall or hanging from the ceiling or what? Still, the pinkophobic HO was OK with the color so who am I to judge?

Re: Episode 2 (I taped 1 and haven’t watched it yet):

Looks like we may have to agree to disagree. I hated Kia’s room. What was the base color of the walls, anyway? I couldn’t tell if it was white or light gray. In any case, I hated the marine blue with the black and red bed linens. Some shades of blue, black, and red are fine together, but not those. The blue bits of paint were pug-ugly, IMHO, and the mistake with the mirror that you pointed out was beyond stupid. Measure, Kia. Even you can do it. Like you, I didn’t like the headboard–not only was it uneven, but rebar is very industrial looking and didn’t fit with the rest of the room. Maybe rebar could be used effectively in a techno-style bar or something, but not a bedroom–at least not that bedroom. I liked the metal sculpture men, but that’s about it. IMHO, Kia’s room was pretty dreadful.

Hildi’s room…where to start? First of all, how could the HO repeatedly say she hated pink and then say she liked the room color? Was she really okay with it? I can think of only three possiblities, one of which, of course, is that she really was okay with it. Another is that we were seeing some gen-u-ine Southern graciousness. A third is that the color read different in real life due to the opalescence. Since everyone else there seemed to think it was pink, I don’t have much faith in hypothesis three, however.

I liked the glaze treatment, but I think I would have liked it even better with a different base color. I hated the curtain fabric. It looked like clown tent material to me. The copper balls were interesting, but she needed 20 of them to make a statement, not the three little lonely balls looking lost and forlorn that she had. The couches and chairs were fine, but why was one chair half in front of the doorway??? That kept drawing my eye.

More exciting than this episode, however, was the commercial about the $100,000 show. It looks like Doug and Laurie are the designers. Drat. I wish Vern was on it.

That wasn’t entirely her fault. Ty measured the mirrors for the frame and he made an incorrect assumption about which dimension was which. Still, it does not take that long to mask off the wall and slap some blue paint on it (speaking of which, why paint the entire square blue if a mirror is going to block most f it; why not save time and just paint a “frame”?

You’re right about Ty’s part of the mistake. But in trying to picture a blue paint frame on the wall, I don’t think I would like it, even if it was done correctly.

8pm: After having seen Christy (the new designer) trying to glue sheet metal to the wall of a child’s room (an up-and-coming Hildi?), I was concerned for how the room would turn out. But I think she did a good job, and the sheetrock-mud technique wasn’t as horrid as I anticipated. That was a HUGE bed for that room, which could have really made decorating a nightmare, but I think she pulled it off. And I think that shelving unit looked better scooched to the corner rather than directly under the window.

Doug’s room was… hmmm. I think if he’d gotten rid of the daybed and the bulletin board, it was salvagable. But the miscalculation with the bed, which wound up putting it in an awkward position, plus the sheer ugliness of the BB fabric, really threw off the whole thing. I can’t decide if I like snarky Doug or resigned Doug. He was uncharacteristically patient when the HOs questioned him on the closet wall. And I hate to say it, but he looked pretty cute cuddling with Winnie. [sub]oh god, just shoot me now…[/sub]

Amy Winn-Doug snuggles! And if you watch closely, she was stroking his arm in more than a friendly “we’re doing this for the cameras” way. Hmmmmm… more fuel for the rumors that they’re a couple.

9pm: KIA PAINTED OVER A BORDER!!! Woah. And whoever told Ty that he’d be able to get solid welds with a mig welder as opposed to a stick welder was a freakin’ moron. I did like the metal men, and I would’ve liked the rebar headboard if it wasn’t (as Otto has already pointed out) just enough off in measurement to be noticible and annoying.

Have to agree with Otto… the other square-with-mirror looked so nice, I can’t figure out why they didn’t take some time out to fix the incorrect square. At least it’s an easy fix for the HOs if they’re so inclined. At least Ty admitted he’d made a mistake.

I have come to the conclusion that Hildi does go through all the pre-show HO information, but only to pull out the things they say they don’t want so she can be a complete bitca. It was pink. Pink, pink, pink, pink. Salmon is pink. Coral is pink. And the copper lamps were not only stupid, but dangerous. They needed a rigid copper tube through the middle for stabilization; otherwise every time they touch the thing it’ll collapse like an accordian. Notice that they couldn’t even mount the shade on the lamp- even that small amount of weight would’ve caused the lamp to go smush. Frankly I was surprised they found a lightbulb and socket that wasn’t too heavy.

It was the third time I’ve seen the $100,000 commercial, and I finally figured out who the other woman was. Damn, but Amy Winn cleans up nice. There have been jokes around the KittyHouse about wanting to snap her chalk line just based on her work image… now we know she can be hella classy too. Mmmmmmm.

Vern. We want Vern. Where the hell is Vern?


No kidding. Good Lord, she’s a bitch.
HO: “Any color but pink”
Hildi: “Here’s our color, it’s Coral!”
It may have been the TV lighting, but I thought the glaze looked streaky.

And Kia wasn’t much better. The HOs said they liked color, so what does she do? Paints the bedroom white. :rolleyes.
I loved that deep indigo blue the room was originally.
I hated her room. The re-bar headboard was freaking ugly with a capital F-U. And the metal people things… not my style, I guess.

** Yeah, I wondered who she was in that first glimpse, too. She does clean up nice.

**Mmmm, Vern. I want Vern.
I thought Christy’s room was nice. The original orange was too bright for that bed. The green was a nice complement for it. I didn’t quite get what she was going for with the stenciling thing, but maybe you had to see it in person. I loved the green wall color, though.
I thought it was funny when Paige dinged the wall with the doggy ladder.

Doug’s done that big checkerboard design before, but without the white stripes between them. He did it in sage green for a room about a year ago, the bedroom with the cherry built-ins. I think it looks really neat. I’d love to do it in my bedroom, but I’d never get the squares just right.
I think he did the white stripes to make it look a little different. I liked his room quite a lot. I didn’t care for the daybed smack dab in the middle of the room, but the desk and the shelves were pretty neat.

i saw the kia/hildi epi. meh, just meh. labia surprize, interesting name. i couldn’t tell on my tv because the colour is way off.

about the only thing i liked were the metal people. interesting how once again kia comes up with an idea with no clue on how to make the idea work. oh, ty will know how to weld…

in other how to shows. while you were out was fairly wild. they finally do tight row home with no yard or garage. the room was on the 4th floor. and i caught clean sweep. that show looks like it may be a winner.

i love how the qeftsg and this new clean sweep make my house look soooo uncluttered and clean.

I thought she painted it a pale blue, with the darker blue (“Marine blue” she called it) as an accent. She talked about how she tinted the primer the same color as the paint and it read as light blue to me.

I’m sorry, but it’s football season, and Ivylad grabs the remote, and he won’t listen to me…

I did see the episode today at 4pm. I wanted the smack Hilde for being so stupid (labia surprise, hee hee hee) and for once Kia was under budget and on time.

Hilde’s room didn’t look that bad to begin with, so I don’t know why they wanted to redo it. And who wants metal in a “boudoir?” Shouldn’t you do soft shapes and textures? She may as well as hung handcuffs to the bedposts for all the romance there was.

I watched it again today whole I made dinner (sO I was watcning on a different TV) and I guess it looked a little blue-ish, maybe. :rolleyes: If you say so. :wink:
Maybe it’s just because I dislike anything Kia does.
I still liked the original deep indigo blue better. I thought that color was beautiful, but I love that shade of blue.

And the Hildi-room did look sorta peachy or maybe coral on second viewing. It still looked streaky with the glaze, but that might have been the bright lights for the taping.

Ivylass, you need a second TV! Or faster reflexes! How abuot a VCR?

I don’t think she can tape one and watch another with a dish, can she?

I liked Hildi’s room.

js is right.

Plus, our VCR is on the fritz. I found that out while trying to record the Shogun miniseries on Hallmark. :frowning:

So, are they going to spend $100,000 on one room? How the heck is that possible? And why is Doug in every freakin’ episode lately? I agree, I’d rather see Vern or Edward in that one.