9 P in S A

Anyone know this one?

nevermind…got it.

Not even a spoilered answer? C’mon now…

Cool. Need anything else?

Here we go again…

lol…sorry it was 9 provinces in South Africa

Why oh why must people insist upon opening old wounds?


Sure, that makes sense… but it makes just as much sense as:

9 Princes in Solidified Amnesties
9 Pies in Southern Amenities
9 Penises in “Strictly Anal”
9 Pilots in Southwest Airlines.

We need to keep searching, IMHO!

I believe it was 9 princesses in Saudi Arabia.

Oh god, no.

I think now that we’re not P2P, we’ll have a more interesting thread.

Cause there’s got to be 14 kinds of greatness in a free posting decision.

I think people are getting pitchforks and torches ready.

Knowing this place, 9 provisos in a straightforward answer :slight_smile:


As much as I hate to use it on this board… lol

How long’ve ya been savin’ that one? :wink:

Crap, I actually guessed that and confirmed it by Googling before seeing your post.