9 stickys, 5 post slots, no back pages in ATMB

Any particular reason for this? One can’t browse posts in order to keep from asking a question that has already been answered. Guests can’t search, so they might (even after reading the stickys) ask a few questions that have already been addressed.

Not trying to nitpick, I’m not even peeved, just curious.

Of course, as soon as I posted this, the posting slots magically doubled. What the hell caused that?

Look, we know that we need to clean up and update all the stickies, the “news” that we’re going to require subscriptions beginning in April, etc etc. The problem is that there’s only a limited number of people who can do that, and between illnesses, family illnesses, vacations, and just plain lack of time, we’ve not been able to get to it.

Patience, please.

The number of threads under the stickies depends on the number of threads that have had new posts in the last two days. All threads with new posts from the last two days will be shown below the stickies on as many pages as it takes (50 threads per page not including stickies). Two days is the default, but there is a button at the bottom of the page to change the number of days shown. So the number of slots doubled because five people created new threads or posted to older-than-two-day threads while you were posting.

Oh. Thanks. I feel much more stupid now, yet I know one more thing.

Ignore my previous statement CK. I’m satisfied.