'90s Nostalgia...for us younger people

I felt left out before so here’s my long list…BTW I know some of these are older than 1990 but I was too young to remember before then:
I remember (from the '90s)…

…SMB 1, 2 and 3, Baseball (Regular) and Punchout! on NES!
…Dinosaurs (the sitcom!!!) where everyone dressed up as a dinosaur and the baby went “I’m the baby gotta love me” and the grandma always hit people on the head with a frying pan
…Saved By The Bell
…Garfield with the regular show and Garfield kicking Odie off the table and then the farmer pig show…then the quickie at the end
…The Disney Afternoon - Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Jungle Book, Tailspin
…Perfect Strangers (Larry & Balky)
…Doogie Howser, M.D. …him typing his final thoughts at the end
…Batman (channel 11 at 9AM)
…Woody Woodpecker 3PM on FOX
…Square One…on PBS
…Where In the World is Carmen SanDiego - with the running through all the doors and answering questions to wi9n things…Gumshoe!
…Bill Nye The Science Guy
…The Science Guy (forget the name) on Channel 2 (CBS) with the rat as an assistant (Lester)
…21 Jump Street
…Family Matters
…Step By Step
…Full House

You Can’t Do That on Television
Pirates of Darkwater
Blaster Master
Vanilla Ice
Slap Braclets
Plastic Armymen With Parachutes

Shirt Tails
Double Dare
Family Double Dare
The Adventures of Pete & Pete
The Original Power Rangers

That would be Beakman’s World.

Alt Rock!

Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc.

Some more (I cheated and went to yesterdayland.com):

…Stick Stickley in the Afternoon
…Nickelodeon Magazine
…Clarissa Explains it All
…Salute your Shorts
…Hey Dude
…Secret World of Alex Mack
…Skip-it (the toy you strapped on your foot and made it go around and it counted the # of turns)
…Ren & Stimpy
…Old (Vintage) Doug on Nickelodeon
…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
…Bananas in Pajamas
…Life with Louie
…EEK! the cat
…Earthworm Jim
…Sonic the Hedgehog (as a cartoon)
…Super Mario Brothers Show
…Casper the Friendly Ghost
…Captain Planet
…CRO (wow that’s an old obscure one)
…The Fantastic Four
…The Flintstone Kids
…Goof Troop
…Histeria (what a great show)
…Speed Racer…go speed racer go!
…Reading Rainbow
…Richie Rich
…Samurai Pizza Cats (very obscure)
…The Magic Schoolbus
…The Tick
…Tom & Jerry Kids
…2 Stupid Dogs

Degrassi High

and who could forget Degrassi Junior High.

I loved EEK! whatever happened to him and the shark dog?

must go google Eek…

In my eekxcitment (bad pun sorry) I forgot all about Press Gang.

Twas the first time I fell in love with a guy named Spike. :slight_smile:

the Power Ranges
Square One (math show on PBS?)


A Eek the Cat Site

More on Eek

and don’t forget Press Gang

and for good measure a picture of Spike

Oops… I meant the Power Rangers. Sorry, it must be that time of night…


I can still sing the little song for the address to send stuff in (granted, it was not all that long ago). I can also sing the Captain Planet ending song…and several other songs from other shows. Hmm.

My old favorite shows and random stuff I remember:

The Wuzzles
The Noozles (seriously my favorite…I wish I could find tapes or something of it again…I remember the end of the series fairly well and it always reminded me of A Wrinkle In Time. I’d like to see if I still think that now)
The Elephant Show


Dude, you are so in!
I’ve been following this thread, and must say I’m not at all surprised you two enjoyed your day together. Congratulations.
Now don’t screw it up!

Kidding, kidding…:smiley: [sub]I kid because I love[/sub]

wow, the hamsters just posted that to the entirely wrong thread. Or else I totally screwed up…nah–it was the hamsters. :slight_smile: Sorry all, carry on.

bella–wondering if anyone remebers the cartoon “Captain N and the Gamemaster”?

Captain N and the Gamemaster!

I only watched it after it became a live-action Nintendo tips & tricks show. After a while they got rid of the stupid guy and just had the red-headed kid on there, and damn was he cute.

And I hated the ending to Noozles. :frowning:

“Gummy Beeeears, bouncing here and there and eeeverywheeere…”

And the Snorkles. And Duck Tales. And Tail Spin. And all the other Disney cartoons, like Rescue Rangers, and… sigh

Our scout troop leaders had a 90’s-themed weekend trip a few months ago. My god, the memories… :slight_smile: And the music! E-Rotic, Captain Jack, Mr. President, Aqua, DJ Bobo…

And think, it was all only 10 years ago.

Man, I felt like crying when i read this thread.
It’s like my childhood in list form! sniff I would mention all the cartoons that kept me through but that would take too long.

Guys, don’t you have any memories of doing stuff, not just watching stuff? What did you do with pogs, for instance?

Not criticizing, just curious. I was in my twenties in the '90s, hanging out in coffee houses and recording everything on my camcorder. I had no awareness of what people younger than myself were doing, and now I’m curious!

ahhh I remember the good ol’ days… i miss them sniff

“Mr. Squiggle the man from the moooon…”
that was the best show EVER!
hmph… why did they have to cancel Mr. Squiggle… I loved him and the Blackboard… sniff sniff

but the best thing I remember about the 90’s was my favourite pair of Happy pants and fluorescent clothing being fashionable

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A masterpiece. I really miss the early nineties, but only because I was about five then, and everyone misses their around-five years.

I remember the Turtles, Dinosaurs, Land of the Lost, Star Trek: TNG, Noozles, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Wolfenstein 3D, SimCity (the original, ur-SimCity)… I could go on. That “Brain on Drugs” commercial, the Cold War ending, the Berlin Wall collapsing, the Gulf War… God, if I could relive those days…