Man, whats the deal with 'pogs'?

Anyone who has interaction with young kids probably is familiar with these. Working at a daycare, I see kids who have their entire backpacks filled with them; they go insane over them. It’s a weird fad.

What the what? … Pogs were popular in the mid-90s and I haven’t heard of them since.

Do you work at a daycare in 1994?

I thought kids were all about the Silly Bandz these days.

Pogs are back?

I know what you mean. All of the kids around here are trying to get the best “slammers”, like the ones with the holograms in them. Some other kids are playing with things called “devil sticks”. It’s insane.

That’s hilarious - I remember that I was obsessed with these things when I was in sixth grade or so.


I seriously thought this was going to be a joke thread, marveling at all the cool gizmos and fads of the early 90s. I was ready to break out my CompuServe jokes.

In Alf form.

… Wait, that doesn’t work.

Oh man, I loved pogs. I had a small collection, but right after I got into it, they were banned at my schools. Kids were being beaten up and having their pogs stolen so that put an end to it. Then I got into Magic the Gathering. Oh yah, I was a cool kid let me tell you!

Oh no, not Pogs again! They can’t do this to me! I went through that already with my oldest in the 90s. I now have a 9 year old son who’s already put me through star wars legos, pokemon cards, bakugan and now silly bands. I can’t go back to Pogs!!! (although I probably still have my daughter’s somewhere up in her old room which my middle child now occupies solely)

Pogs are back? Sweet. Brings back memories of elementary school and me not liking pogs. Also, ABC is reairing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Saturday mornings. It’s nice to know that today’s little kids are experiencing the same crappy fads my generation experienced.

And they laughed, LAUGHED when I took out a mortgage and loans and bought $80,000 dollars in pogs. The fad is over, they said. You’re wasting your money, they said. Well who’s laughing now? Now I can sell them and make money, and then maybe my ex will finally drop that restraining order let me see the kids again!

Do parents who enjoyed pogs or Power Rangers as kids discuss pogs or Power Rangers with their children?

I think it was the Christmas I was 12, I was visiting my grandparents in California. They took me to a comic book shop, and I had all these comics picked out that I was just foaming at the mouth over. I get to the counter and the real-life personification of Comic Book Guy talks me into buying pogs instead. People are going NUTS for them! Get this set and this set and this slammer, and you better learn how to play before school starts back because ALL your friends are getting these for Christmas and they’re gonna have MAD SKILLS.

Well-- huh! Comics were officially for DORKS at that moment. Pogs were the shit. I couldn’t wait for him to shut up so I could get back to grandma and grandpa’s and start practicing. I could NOT let my friends kick my ass at pogs!

That fat bastard must’ve been laughing his ass off as I walked out the door.

Not one of my friends had ever heard of pogs and they never did at any future time (that I was aware of), either. I never played one goddamn game. Matter of fact, I think I got made fun of for having them (not that anyone knew what they were-- which was ample justification for ridicule.)

Fuck pogs.

[Nelson] Haha! [/N]

I remember pogs. Sort of. Don’t think I ever did find out what they were.

Pogs are so yesteryear.

I’m working on my Wacky Packages collection. If I collect them all, I’ll be the coolest kid in my grade!

Are you serious?

Because I still have some tubes of pogs at my parents’ house somewhere in the basement. I could sell those suckers!

How can you people think about pogs at a time like this? Richard Nixon just died!

I thought this must be a zombie thread. I remember playing these with the kids when they were very little.

I don’t see pogs. What I see are the collectible rubber bands in different colors and shapes that the kids wear around their wrists.