99 message board words or phrases to retire in 2014

[li]Wow. Just, wow.[/li][li]What do I win?[/li][li]Methinks …[/li][li]YMMV[/li][/ol]

You know who else … ?


I see what you did there.
I won’t lie…
Just sayin’. (Especially that one.)

I’m not tryin’ to be a hater, but…

Well played, sir.

I think people should stop saying __________.

[li]“You will never believe…” – I won’t? Then save us both some time and don’t bother telling me.[/li][li]"!" – Not a word or phrase, but if people would refrain from using exclamation points in topic titles, that would be just swell. Most often they show up on topics that deserve them the least. The President has just grown a third arm out of the middle of his forehead? Sure, use a ! in the title. Some celebrity has done something or other that most people don’t give a shit about? No.[/li][li]“Faux News” – Faux is both spelled and pronounced differently than Fox. It’s not witty to write it like that, it’s trite and boorish. Find some new material.[/li][/ul]

Nice EmilyG! It’s a shame you didn’t get in a minute earlier to actually be first, but I still applaud your sense of irony.

I probably shouldn’t have included, “What do I win?” in the OP. Then someone could have posted:

“What do I win?”

What do I win?

Nobody’s mentioned _____________ yet? No, stupid; did you see it mentioned?


I see what you did there.


“I myself”, which I feel like I’m seeing more and more here lately.

Wagon circling.
I’ve never pitted anyone before, but -

What? No _______ thread?

I see what you did there.

::makes popcorn::

80% of the time someone has, in fact, mentioned it before(). 50% of the time it’s in the OP.
) 90% if I was the idiot who didn’t read carefully. Yea, I’m above average!

(BTW, that’s just my estimate. YMMV.)

Also, you should have said, “Nobody’s mentioned, ‘Nobody’s mentioned _____ yet?’ yet?” It would have been a bit hard to parse though.

Any thread that starts with the word RESOLVED.

As in:

Resolved: Pauly Shore Is The Funniest Guy On Earth
Resolved: Battlefield Earth Is The Greatest Film Of All Time