99 message board words or phrases to retire in 2014

Stupid. Seems like it’s in almost every thread in redditt. *Now *how do you feel about it?

+1 (and its twin, “This”), especially when quoting a lengthy post

this will not end well

“You do know that…”

What? No one mentioned “Band name”?


Cool story, bro.


Wins the thread.

(Fill in the blank) much?

As in confirmation bias much? Project much?

Zombie jokes, most of the time. Some are funny but most are not funny and just way overdone.

Yes, totally! Also “'merica” and “Murka” and “merkin” (not when referring to an actual merkin)

Windoze and Micro$oft.

“Rinse, repeat.” I call for this one to be retired as often as I can.

That whole gold clap thing.


Point, the first…

That really was supposed to say golf. :smack:

In Soviet Russia 99 message board words or phrases retires you!


Recommend me a X

Hi, Opal!

She herself hated the phrase, most people use it wrong, and it’s waaaaay past its expiration date.

inserts action here


::inserts action here::