99 message board words or phrases to retire in 2014

Does this thread deserve a golf clap?

The only problem with retiring these phrases is that we could get stuck with 99 new ones that are even worse.

Nuke it from space.

Anything to do with quarries.

No Zebra, I will not have sex with you.
(This is mostly used in PMs)

Is this a thing?

I’ll add my vote for:
I see what you did there
“Faux News”
“+1” & “this” (unless followed by at least a paragraph of why you agree)

Link to Youtube followed by “discuss”.


“That really was supposed to say . . .”


“I can haz . . .”

“There aren’t enough :rolleyes:s for this.”

“What is the evolutionary purpose of . . . ?”

“Penis ensues.”

Not just message board: “…but I digress”.

“Problematic”. That word surged to the forefront of message board posts this year.

nom nom nom

“You win the thread” (along with all variations)
“Teh Interwebz” (along with all variations)

Two that I think I’ve only ever seen here:
“Sammies” (meaning “sandwiches”)

Edit: Oh yeah, “nom nom nom” is awful too.

Oh, sammies is all over the place. I think I’ve seen it on a restaurant menu somewhere. Or maybe it was at the grocery store.

Yeah, half of this list is “People should stop using expressions,” but message-board-wise, people really do need to stop quoting entire, lengthy posts just to add “+1” or “This” or declaring thread victors. Irritating and pointless. I will not stop replying to ridiculous lies with “cool story bro” because I like it too much.

Og forbid, or any other use of the word Og. Just use the word God, for God’s sake!

We have Orthodox members. That word makes them a little uncomfortable, I am told.
MeanOldLady- yeah, some MB just have a “+1” feature, which I like. Not that i suggest we have it here.

I have no dog in this fight.

Typing “Umm” before a sentence. As in:

Ummm you do know that typing “Ummm” may be the douchiest thing in the Universe?

I think you guys got them all.


I guess I can never post again. :frowning:

The trouble with that is I believe in Og.

Cookie recipes as poll choices

Pics or it didn’t happen

I already posted that. See post x!