"_______ Jack"

Not really a game, but if I start it somewhere else, it’d just get moved here.

Add to this list:

Billy Jack
Pepper Jack
Union Jack
Bumper Jack

You Don’t Know Jack

Apple Jack
Monterey Jack

Saucy Jack (You’re a Naughty One!)
Happy Jack
Man Jack

Captain Jack
Every Man Jack

Ballin’ the Jack
Cracker Jack

jumpin’ Jack(flash)

Stereo jack
audio jack
phone jack
network jack
headphone jack

Scissor Jack
Slap Jack
One-Eyed Jack


Hungry Jack
Yellow Jack
That’s The Fact, Jack!

Magic Jack

Hit the road, Jack

Cactus Jack

Jack of all trades
Springheel Jack
Jack Sparrow
Jack and Jill

I was going to mention Mick Foley’s “Cactus Jack” gimmick. Since Brad the Impaler beat me to it, I’ll add…

New Jack

Former N.W.A. Champion, Jack (Brisco).

Samurai Jack

Thigh-stabbin’ Jack (Bauer)

I had a response, but I forgot it.

Look just above…

Suicide Jack
Cutaway Jack

One of the 50 ways:

Slip out the back, Jack.