A Baby named Lexxus

Is there any rhyme or reason to the “LaQwerty” girls’ names phenomenon? Is there any “La-” construction that is over thirty years old?


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The mom of a friend of mine worked on the paper of a small town in Oklahoma a couple of years ago - in the announcements/classified ads department. The worst I name I heard of from her was “ShyAnne”.

Now, “Cheyenne” would have been bad enough - trendy, cutesy, completely clueless about the actual origin of the name. But the abomination of “ShyAnne” made me want to shake the person who named that little girl until the pitiful, curdled excuse they used for a brain rattled out of their skull and onto the floor.



…yeah,when I was a newspaper photog.I was at an assignment,you know a group shot of kids at a grade school,and as I was collecting IDs for the caption,I came across a little girl named, no shit, BIDET,Bidet Johnson or Sims or Washington or something…Bidet, Jesus!..never did come across that mythical child named after the furniture though,you know her? Formica Dinette…!

Jaime is Spanish for James
LaQuerty seems to be a common construction among blacks trying to get away from so-called “white” names. I think it probably comes from the south (louisiana)and it is intented to have a vaguely French flavor, but this is just my guess. Some Spanish names have also been adopted for this purpose like Delores-Dolores, Juanita, etc.
Mercedes was the name of the daughter of the (German) car manufacturer but the name is of Spanish origin and most common in Catalonia, NE Spain. Both my mother and sister are Mercedes. Merced means “favor” and it refers to that advocation of the Virgin Mary.

My wife is pregnant. Since we are somewhat older than most first-time parents, we have an increased likelihood (if you by the statistices) to have twins. Mindful of this possibility, I suggested to her that we name them “original” and “copy”. She became quite unreasonable at that point.

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A friend (whose wife is also pregnant) told me a story about a woman who named her two children (li-MON-jhe-lo) and (she-RAH-jhe-lo). She was apparently very fond of jello.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

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Check this page for some REALLY non-traditional names. Poor kids.

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Um…Lemonjello and Oranjello were cartoon characters…I can’t identify the cartoon but a voice-over actress I know auditioned for the roles a couple of years ago.

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Terrific link Robbaba. Fun to see how people used to give kids sensible names.

I’ve always thought a good stripper name would be a variation on Portia Turbot.

Inutilis, that link didn’t work for me.

And what does your (screen) name mean?

I guess I’m just better off living with my inner tensions.

Toyota Camry.

Wasn’t it Leno that brought this one up, on his show, with a joke about knowing where the kid was conceived?

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From The Onion:

Kansas Changes Spelling Of Name To 'Cannsas’

’It Looks Cooler That Way,’ Governor Says

TOPEKA, KS–Calling the old spelling “totally lame,” the Kansas legislature voted Monday to change the state’s name to “Cannsas,” effective immediately. “‘Kansas’ with a ‘K’ was just so boring,” said Gov. Bill Graves, writing “Cannsas” over and over on a looseleaf binder. “It looks way cooler with the ‘C’ and two 'N’s. It’s almost like it’s foreign or something.” The move is believed to have been motivated by a similar move last year by the state of Kentuckki.

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One of my friends married a woman who is …not as bright as some other people.

When were talking about baby names, and I nearly had her convinced to name her first child Clymadia.

---- I would have never let her go through with it.

English teachers in Taiwan are often called upon to select Engish names for both children and adult students. The adults, and especially the males, put a lot of emphasis on sophisticated and/or lucky sounding names. Supposedly, a FOAF got so fed up with helping these young and inevitably obnoxious Taiwanese businessmen pick out auspicious names, that once he advised a student to go with the name “Anus”. The student believed it and actually got it printed on his Visa card: “Anus Chang”. Only much later did the student come back to the teacher to berate him: “You said ‘Anus’ was good name, but I looked in dictionary–no, that very bad name!”


Also–it may only have been embellishment to the story, but supposedly this English teacher also nearly convinced Anus’s two brothers to adopt the names “Rectum” and “Sphincter”. Apparently the two brothers were a little brigher than Anus, though, and also knew how to take a joke.


Weird names are the bane of reporters, because we invariably spell them wrong.

It’s a mild inconvenience, and people look at you funny, but you really do need to check the spelling on virtually every first name.

I learned this the hard way, when I misspelled a woman’s name Mary. It was supposed to be Maari. Grrrrr…

At some point, the state needs to step in and take over child-naming from these parents. “I’m sorry folks, but you’ve lost your child-naming privileges after naming your last daughter ‘Dakkotahh.’”

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Possibly an Urban Legend: I seem to remember a story where an Icelandic (?) couple were told they couldn’t name their child the way they wanted to because the name was too unconventional. The court stated that it would hinder the child’s acceptance in society.

In Holland, the civil department of a municipality has the power to reject a name if it is offensive or nonsensical. Is there no such rule in the US?

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