A Baby named Lexxus

Have you taken a look at the birth announcements in your local paper lately? Mary and John have fallen by the wayside to make room for some of the worst names I have ever heard. I have heard women actually discussing that the spelling Keight is much “classier” than the boring Kate.

And the status names, such as Lexxus (yes, that is how they spelled it), Porsche, and such. Is there any better way to announce that in fact the parents are high school drop-outs than to actually name a baby Lexxus??

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Mercedes was the name of the bosses daughter long before he named the car after her.

It’s got to be one of them.
(bangs head against the monitor)


Perhaps they hope for a lawyer or they are lawyers?

Nothing new about it. IN the 60’s people called their kids: rocket, moon, rainbow.

Lexxus? Sounds like they have a future porn star or stripper on their hands.

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You always use violence. I should’ve ordered glutinous rice chicken.

Damn you Burn, I opened this thread with the intent of posting that!!

Really? Does that mean I’ll be the first to ask if the last name was “Luthorrus” ?

My beef is how they spell relativly normal names. Take Jamie for example. I’ve run into too many Jamie’s who spell it Jaime!

In my time as a newspaper photographer I came across all types of stupid spelling of kids names. I’m gonna go look up some of my old notes.

Stay tuned…

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According to the Social Security Actuarial page 128 people named their girls Lexis in 1998.

For more information on names than you ever wanted to know try this:

Perosonally I hate the name Lexxus or Lexis. But I have heard much worse.

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well that sucks, Im number 552.

NickyLarson, the couple of folks I know who named their kids “Jaime” had picked it up from Spanish-speaking friends. (Of course, in Spanish, Jaime is not pronounced JAY mee.)


Both my father and my sister were named Jaime (JAY-mee), so that spelling dates back to at least 1940. Granted, my grandparents were from Oklahoma, but they weren’t illiterate.

BTW-The spanish pronunciation is HI-mee, as in Jaime Escalante.

“My FATHER’S name was Hymie!”

One chilled beer and a wolf whistle going out to the man or woman who can identify THAT quote…


“Mercedes” was the daughter of Daimler or Benz, who named the car after her.

“Porsche” is the surname of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, who built the Volkswagen and Porsche cars; the latter named after him (like “Ford”). My thought is that some illiterate person heard the name “Portia” and misspelled it “Porsche”. Probably they reasoned, “Well, Mercedes is named after a car…” (not realizing it was the other way around).

I’m not sure, but I think “Jaime” is the Spanish spelling of “Hymie”.

“Cait” should have an accent over the “a” and in Gaelic should be pronounced “cut”, IIRC.

That nice man who I worked for at ABC was called Jaime…it was pronounced Hi-May. Go figger…


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I’ve had Hispanic students named Jaime who pronounce it HI-muh.

A long time ago when I worked on a production floor, there was a nearly illiterate woman who named her son after a word she saw in a magazine. The little boy’s name was pronounced PADGE-uh-muss. It was spelled P a j a m a s.

Poor little kid.

Speaking of strippers (we were, weren’t we?), why aren’t any of them named Volkswagen? Yugo?

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Uke, just a stab, but that wouldn’t be a Get Smart! reference would it? :wink:

In Living Color had a sketch where a little girl was auditioning. The PA called, “Female Pajamas?” The mother replied curtly, “That’s Femahley Pahjahmay!”

Seems to me Whoopie Goldberg played a character named “Female” once. In Ghost? I don’t remember.