A bad parody I couldn't resist.

I was reading online about the man in Australia who’s ex wife Killed him, cutting off his penis.

I know it’s a little sick but I couldn’t help writing a a little parody of an ole Australasian ditty

Sow me penis back on Don
Sow me Penis back on
I just noticed it’s gone Don,
Sow me Penis back on.

which prompted another poster to write his verse

Scrub the bed where I bled Fred
scrub the bed where I bled
it’s all sticky and red Fred
so scrub the bed where I bled

Altogether now

Tie me angry ex down sport
Tie me angry ex down
Tie me angry ex down sport
Tie me angry ex down.
poor guy died, and I’m writing parodies about it. Shame on me.

Now you write one. :wink:

Hmmm…with apologies to Ted Nugent, perhaps something along the lines of

Cock Chop Fever?

Y’know, when the Lorena Bobbitt story was big, I was sooooo tempted to do a parody to the Civil War song, Lorena, but the song is one of my favorites, and I didn’t want to remember a penis chopping story everytime I thought of the song.

So, no thank you.

Just so we’re clear, do you want people to write parodies specifically about dicks being cut off, or just parodies in general?

Whatever you feel like doing.

another verse to the one I started is fine as well.

The Weird Al song “Headline News” references this case.

Along with Tonya Harding and that kid who got caned in Singapore.

“Once… there was a laaaadyyyy
Who didn’t like her husband and so she chopped off his weiner.
And when… he finally woke up,
He saw… that Mr Happy was missing.
He couldn’t quite explain, it had always just… beeeen theeeere…”

I already know of at least one raunchy parody/game using this song :

Pick an animal, and come up with a verse involving bestiality specific to that animal.

Is it a common target in Australia?