A bag of sugar

One bag of sugar.

Or one bag of flour, even.

Yep, that’s all and yet, it’s still that much, too.

Five pounds. Always seemd kinda wimpy when you could buy ten pound bags of flour or sugar.

But not at all wimpy when you realize how much bigger five pounds is than just 14.8 ounces.
Yep, that’s right. Little Emma Kate has broken the five pound mark and is still growing like crazy.

She is actually big enough now to be picked up under her arms like bigger babies. Before we just had to kind of scoop her up.

And you know what else? She can roll over. Yes, it’s true. I know, I know…her physical therapist is completely amazed as well. She rolls from her belly to her back without too much of an effort.

And…she is eating regular baby formula–Similac with Iron. (The breastmilk source is sadly depleted.) She no longer has to have the special $80/case Similac Special Care 24 calorie Low Iron Ready-to-Serve formula. Nope, we can run right down to the local market and pick up a can of food for the baby now.

And medicines? She still takes Metaclopromide for her reflux, Theophylline to keep her heart rate up and for now, an iron supplement. She has successfully completed two rounds of vaccinations–her 2 month and her four month. And she has taken her last Synagis shot for the year so we can actually begin to think about taking her out in public. As it stands, she has been outside the house a total of six times since she came home–all for doctor visits.

Her eyes (post laser surgery) look good according to her opthamalogist. She is starting to focus her eyes more and track objects in front of her face.

Just wanted to give a small update to you guys since I don’t get t get on-line too often anymore.

To those of you who have been keeping up with Emma Kate’s progress, thank you. It means a lot. To those of you who wish people would stop gooing over this stupid kid they don’t know, believe me–I understand and I’m sorry. All I can tell you is–don’t read the threads if you can avoid them. And thanks for not posting a thread about it.

My heart is filled to overflowing and my prayers and wishes for her continued improvement and ultimate success go your way.

Way to go, Emma Kate.




wow, a whole five pounds!!! rolling around even!!! fantastic!

fear not evilbeth, we live for updates.

now how does she feel about barney? baseball? how did she do in the march madness pool?

Hurrah for Emma Kate!!

Woohoo Emma Kate !!! This is fantastic news EvilBeth. A whole bunch of us think we are Emma Kate’s aunts and uncles ya know, so please keep us updated. Wow, 5 pounds, rolling over, regular formula even. Before you know it she’ll be sneaking outta the house to meet boys at the mall.:smiley:

It’s easy enough to figure that a daughter of yours would be all right.

Warmest regards and heartfelt congratulations to you and Emma Kate and everyone in the family.

Thrilled to hear Emme Kate’s doing well. Really, I think most of us are overjoyed to hear more good news! Remember to take care of yourself as well as the baby, and best of luck with the busy, busy months ahead.

That’s great news!

Absolutely fantastic news to hear. :slight_smile:



whoa, whoa. 5 pounds?

i was 10 when i was born!


but congrats nevertheless!

awh! Happy for ya, lady :slight_smile:

(I believe your kid has already taken more types of meds in her short life than I have, though)

Wishing all the best for your (rolling!) bundle of joy.


What was up with her eyes? I think I’ve kept tack of the baby EmmaKate stories, but I don’t remember the vision problem.

Part of the reason I ask is that I used to work in a pediatric ophthalmology clinic at a Children’s hospital (proof that I worked in that field: I didn’t have to look up how to spell ophthalmology). One of the things I did was behavioral visual acuity testing with pre-verbal and non-verbal kids. I especially loved working with the tiny babies.

I’m glad to hear that her eyes are better, although sad to hear that there were problems. I hope she makes it all the way through to uncorrected vision, but if not there are some very cute baby glasses on the market. Lots of kids need them for various reasons, but you want to make sure you get them from someone who specializes in or has a lot of experience with fitting glasses to little kids.

Emma Kate had stage three retinopathy of prematurity with plus disease. She had laser surgery right before she turned 2 months old. Did you ever work with any kids post that problem, katrina? If so, any advice? We have another follow-up appointment on Monday, 15th.
rocking chair, she feels that Barney is a tool of Satan, baseball is fun to watch live or to play–no t.v. games and she dislikes basketball–she’s a hockey chick!
swampbear, let’s hope that doesn’t happen for a little while longer!

andygirl, I love you! :slight_smile: Thank you.

Bethie dear, you could post a thread a day until the next millenium and I would still be opening them to find out how our precious darling is doing. Anyone who doesn’t want to know doesn’t need to read them. There are so VERY many people here who want and NEED to know how Emma Kate is doing. I am one of them. And just for the record…anyone referring to this angel as a “stupid kid” is going to get as close to a poke in the eye as I am capable of giving. Which, as you know, isn’t very close, but still…well, maybe the verbal variety.

I am so very thrilled to hear that she is doing well, and you can forget that bag of flour business…she is DEFINITELY a bag of sugar!

Keep us posted, and please keep reminding her that we all love her, are praying for her, are sending her healing thoughts. [sub]And a trike soon, too…if she is already turning over, she will be ready for one sooner than you expect![/sub]

Much Love,


I wasn’t around when you started to post things about Emma Kate, but I’m glad to hear she’s doing well. I myself was born at least 9 or 10 weeks premature (mabe as much as 3 months premature), and had a mild form of CP as well. Of course, that’s relatively nothing compared to what it sounds Emma Kate is going through now, but I hope she continues to do well! :slight_smile: