A believability complaint, small, but enough already.

If a woman has good reason to believe, in advance, that she is likely to be involved in running, jumping, shooting, punching, lifting, hauling, dragging, hitting, fleeing, chasing, climbing, diving and/or any activity that is likely to make her sweat and/or require clear vision, and her hair is longer than chin length, there is a 99.9% chance that she will style it in a way that keeps it off her neck and out of her eyes. If she had no way of knowing In advance, then there is virtually a 100% chance that at some point after it becomes clear that she needs to stay cool and have clear vision she will make binding her hair a very serious priority.

No matter how much sexier it is “flowing” (into her eyes and mouth) while the bullets fly, etc.

Just sayin’.

And any woman living in a zombie-infested dystopia is probably gonna just keep her head shaved. (Or visit Carol’s hairdresser…fab!)

And, what show/movie are we talking about?

Multitudes! But I happened to be watching an episode of Fear The Walking Dead when I was finally moved to post, as Alicia’s hair was completely down and flying around and making me crazy.

She has nice hair. People would kill for that hair (heh). June’s hair in that weird braid makes wanna puke.
I have long hair and no friggin’ zombie apocalypse will make me cut it. I might do a ponytail but that’s it, just saying.:wink:

But she won’t be doing anything at high speed in her high heels…

She has to wear her hair up so she’ll look sexy when she lets it down and takes her glasses off. :o