A Benign, Humorous Fox News Screw Up

So Fox News showed a graphic of a map of all the nuclear plant in Japan. It included one called Shibuyaeggman. One problem, there is not such nuclear power plant.

What there is a night club called Eggman in the trendy Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya.


Faux News indeed.

Goo Goo Ga Joob

Somebody was gonna say it.

“Shibuyaeggman” sounds like the name of one of Lovecraft’s Old Ones.

It would be an interesting story to hear how Eggman got included in the list.

This kinda indicates that when they showed a map that showed Egypt where Iraq currently is, they were just plain stoopid rather than malevolent.

I might change my username to Shibuyaeggman.

Overheard in newsroom: “Shibuya Eggman? I heard that place is blowin’ up!” “Yeah, it’s on fire, all right!”

Do it! Onegai shimasu!

Yeah, and the space shuttle can travel at 18 times the speed of light.

Or how the locals pronounce Sheboygan after a half-dozen beers.

Ah, so the next line would have been “Shesellawalrus”?

Yeah, but that was CNN, not Fox. I guess interns get it wrong whether liberal or conservative.

:slight_smile: Pretty much my point. :slight_smile:

Hey hey, let’s go kick ass-u!
Taisetsu no mono, protect my baaals!

(I hope that’s what you were referring to, I don’t actually speak Japanese but I swear “onegai shimasu” was in that episode)

Does that map also put Sendai on the wrong end of the island? Or is there another Sendai power plant that I don’t know about?

I emailed to ask.

Haha no, I wasn’t, but that was a great episode. ‘Onegai shimasu’ translates in this instance to ‘please’ Thanks for the update j-j-j-jim :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I remember the Shibuyaeggman nuclear reactor level from Sonic Chaos on the old Genesis system.

There really is a Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima. It’s in the town of Sendai (川内), pronounced the same but written differently than the city of Sendai (仙台) that’s been in the news lately.

Aha. I suspected it might be something like that.