A Berry merry court decision

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia overturned a lower court’s decision and unanimously approved the appointment of Bush nominee Peter Kirsanow to the United States Civil Rights Commission.
This is wonderful news. It means:

– That rude, demogogue, Mary Frances Berry, will be replaced as Chair :slight_smile:
(although she remains on the Commission :frowning: )

– The rule of law is reinstated.

– Berry’s power grab is thwarted. Her interpretation would have allowed her to head the Commission in perpetuity.

– U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler’s idiotic decision was unanimously overruled.


Honorable liberals must be embarassed by the actions of Berry and Kessler. I am gleeful to see them get their comeuppance.

Where does your hatred of things liberal come from?


december, don’t you have anything else to talk about?

Kind of like honorable conservatives being embarassed by you? I don’t expect them to get or deserve any “comeuppance” for it, though.

Have you had the phrase , “honorable liberals must be embarassed” copyrighted yet?

I dislike government officials who abuse their power for personal or political gain. Beyond the lack of integrity shown by Berry and Kessler, Berry has shown herself to be high-handed and overbearing. Even a far leftist associated with Pacifica Radio called her “authoritarian, and literally quasi-fascist”

BTW I used to listen to KPFA-Pacifica Radio years ago as a Berkeley student, so I followed their recent problems with interest. I hadn’t realized until now that Mary Frances Berry was the one whose “many outrages against a community which is known for its leading edge support of all minorities’ rights” almost destroyed the Pacifica Radio network.

One doesn’t have to hate liberals to take pleasure in seeing this shamelessly dictatorial individual brought down to earth.

So why not focus your outrage on the actions of “this shamelessly dictatorial individual”, instead of using the case as yet another slam against “honorable liberals”?

If you think Liberals have that market cornered, you’re retarded.

Are you aware of who our president is? I’ll give you a hint, he’s the guy who has shilled for oil drilling in every spare inch of wilderness in this country, and oh yeah, he’s a Texas oil man. Where’s the thread? Honoroble conservatives yada yada yada.
You wouldn’t want to be accused of being a one trick pony, would you?

And for my money … all politcians suck.

and where does cheney fit into your dislike of government officials who abuse their power for personal gain?

isnt it time to change your adult pampers, pops?

Geez. I know this is the pit.

I know that december has a habit of using the word ‘liberal’ as if it were the worst insult one can hurl

I know that the OP is more than slightly slanted.

I know that I’ve often been critical of the OP’s methods, OP’s etc.

but for what it’s worth to you, your post IMHO was better w/o the gratuitous insult.

My gratuitous insult was better, anyway.

Yes, I am deeply, deeply embarassed. I’ve spent too many sleepless nights staring up at the ceiling, thinking, “Damn that Berry! From hell’s heart I strike at thee, Kessler!!” The damage they have done to liberalism is astronomical. They have spit upon a noble tradition, caused scorn to be heaped upon liberalism’s principals and beliefs, for far too long.

I can now raise my head again.

Well, that’s what I’d be thinking If I had ever heard of either person before in my fucking life!!!

Get a clue, december.


wring, i do my best to stay on the high road around here, but every once in a while, it feels so good to take a cheap shot at something i think deserves it.

no way, jack batty.

We had a lengthy debate in GD last summer about Berry’s report on Black voting in Florida.

erm, make that ‘someone.’ low blood sugar.

So? Doesn’t mean I have any idea who these people are.

But since you didn’t get the clue, I’ll spell it out for you, december: the fact that a person shares all or part of my ideology in no way means that I should feel some responsibility for, or embarrasment about, their activities. For example, I’ve never felt that conservatives, honorable or not, should have felt embarassed about Nixon.

Nixon was a crook. It appears that Berry and Kessler are power-hungry. Their ideology had nothing to do with their conduct.


december: Honorable liberals must be embarassed by the actions of Berry and Kessler. I am gleeful to see them get their comeuppance.

Errrrr…while I usually don’t have a whole lot to say in favor of december’s posts, and while I may not agree with his opinions of judicial appointees (or, for that matter, the way he spells “embarrassed” :D), I think y’all are reading this a little bit wrong. I don’t think december meant to imply that he was gleeful about “comeuppance” for “honorable liberals” as a group, but rather for Berry and Kessler.

You mean like Joe McCarthy? Or John Ashcroft?

Yes, you would thing that, wouldn’t you.
I read it more as – “Aha, here’s proof positive that liberals suck.”

But this is just a part of the trend. december seems to have this habit of ferreting out the worst people (or even just people who have done something blatantly political [like that ever happens in Washington, D.C. :rolleyes:]), who happen to hold opposing view points than he does, and holding them up as the “worst form of liberals” that we should be ashamed of, as “honorable liberals”.

I swear if he found out that Jeffery Dahmer were a registered Democrat, we’d never hear the end of it.

I feel embarassed when Republican office-holders behave badly. Just how badly Ashcroft has behaved is subject to debate, of course.