A big old Fuck You to TSN/Rogers

I don’t do pit threads a lot, bear with me.

Since it’s the Canadian Election and the guy fixing to win isn’t exactly my first choice (to say the least) I thought I’d dull the pain with some hockey action and Philly plays the Pens which should be a high spirited game.

7:30 rolls around so I go to the NHL Center Ice section of my dial and look for it. It’s not there and I panic a little, but no worries TSN holds a lot of games and the NHL network holds some games as well. I look and it’s nowhere to be found.

“On no,” I think “they aren’t going to fuck me with this new TSN 2 nonsense are they?”

They sure as fuck are it seems. You see, TSN thought there wasn’t enough sports on the dial so they thought of a new network and labelled it TSN 2. Rogers hates TSN so I can imagine they’re not crazy about adding it to the Rogers Cable package (which I am stuck with) considering Rogers has it’s own sports network Sportsnet. Adding another sports channel means more competition for their shitty network which doesn’t seem to know how to broadcast HD because it generally sucks. I understand Rogers hates TSN and vice versa but why the fuck hold the fans hostage? Especially those of us who have unique enough taste that even though they only watch maybe 20 channels, they are all seem to be in different packages (a whole other rant). I have NHL Center Ice (it comes on the super sports pack), both sports packages and every other network that carries hockey except TSN 2 - which isn’t available.

I realize my life will go on without watching this game. Fine. It’s the goddamn principle of the thing. I pay for every sports channel on the dial which includes crap I’m never gonna watch like that ridiculous NASCAR thing that allows me to ride around with Jeff fucking Gordon. I even have a Live Horse racing channel. I mean really - who the fuck even watches that?


GRRRRR. I am this close to switching to Starchoice and writing off the $600 I paid for the HD PVR box.

I don’t know why you couldn’t get the Penguins-Flyers game–it was on at the local sports bar tonight. Like typical Canadians, we had the hockey game on instead of election coverage. Anyway, that game was on whatever system the sports bar had.

Three questions for you:

  1. Do you get coverage of Woodbine Racetrack from Toronto?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Can I come over?


I live in Toronto (in the first draft I put that in, my bad). Star Choice and Bell (I think) both have TSN 2 but Rogers doesn’t. I made the mistake of going with Rogers. As I understand things, the negotiations aren’t going well to add TSN2.

Like I said, I suspect the reason is that Rogers is playing hardball largely because TSN is the main competitor for their awful sportsnet channels.

I just find the whole thing unfair. TSN 2 has a lot of good hockey games this season that I suspect I’m gonna miss because two people are having a pissing contest.

I check to see if the horse racing channel gets woodbine (I think that’s pretty much all it is seeing as I live two subway stops from the Woodbine subway stop). You can come over and watch just as long as I’m not their to have to watch it, lol.

Hey, Minnesota’s undefeated, a division leader (in a dificult division…they’re up against Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Colorado), and in second place in the Western Conference. Atlanta is…well, Atlanta is a city with many fine qualities.

The Northwest is only a “difficult” division because the teams are so uniformly mediocre none of them can get any headway on the others.

Well, yes, if you put aside the fact that the Oilers got to the Cup finals in 2006, the Flames did in 2004, and the Avalanche won the Cup in 2001.