I'd really like to watch a hockey game tonight

Wife is out of town.

Big pot of chili on the stove.

A couple of beers into me whilst preparing said chili.

Bastards. Let get this thing resolved, PLEASE! Is there any chance at this point?

I’m thinking with all the recent meetings that they’re looking to finally get this nonsense taken care of and get the season started sometime in December.

I’m so sick of labor/managment fights in sports.

I’m ready to go and find Bettman and kick him right in the nads. I hate this lockout. I want to watch hockey. curls up in a ball and cries

The local FSN affiliate is showing vintage Penguins games along this season’s schedule. It’s not the same, but it does give me my hockey fix.

I’m quite enjoying watching the Chicago Wolves on the rare occasion they get coverage. Probably doesn’t help you much but maybe you have an AHL team in your area?

alice_in_wonderland is hosting a martini night. Why not pop on over?

Ha ha. I love this place.
(Slurrrrp of beer.)

I tried to fill the hockey void by playing “NHL 12” on my PlayStation. But instead of starting up the game, all I got was a video of Gary Bettman demanding I send him more money and build a new PS3 with luxury boxes and more parking revenue.

That made me laugh hard enough for my co worker to stare at me.

But seriously… I moved to VANCOUVER and now I can’t even see a damn game?
I was going to take my son to see a Jets game this year. He is eight, has never seen professional hockey and has decided the Jets are his team.


We have the Baby Pens – but they don’t get TV coverage. I like seeing the old games, don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of fun when they show some of the more famous ones. (Plus they accept peoples’ Tweets on screen – one of mine was shown!)

Thursday’s should be cool, because they’re showing Mario’s comeback game. I’m hoping they’ll show the one where Brent Johnson takes down Rick DiPietro in one punch.

I have an ECHL team here in town (go Komets!) but dammit I still miss seeing my Blackhawks on TV.

Down here in MD the best I can hope for is Washington Capitals games, which hardly compare to by beloved Habs. But still, it was hockey. I’m starting to feel some serious withdrawal. I posted this on Twitter recently:

And I was only kidding a little.

If Romney had been able to end the lockout, I might have considered voting for him.*

*Not really.

OHL and AHL hockey’s okay.

But it’s just not the same.

No progress in talks today. For fuck’s sake, split up the money so we can watch some goddamned hockey.

Go see the Heat. Highest level of hockey in the land these days. I’m thinking I could organize an outing, jump on West Jet and spend not much more than seeing the Flames at the Dome.

I’ll second the recommendation of minor league hockey. When I was feeling desperate for baseball before the 1995 major league season began, my wife and I went to a minor league game and had a great time.

Hey, they could always take the opportunity to make Sudden Death II: Iceburgh’s Revenge

Check it out: last night they showed Mario’s comeback game, and two of my tweets made it on air! One of the guys from the control room was posting, and by coincidence, he just happened to post one of mine!

Monday, Penguins Stanley Cup win from 2009. (It does help from hockey withdrawal, I’ll tell you that!)