I pit the local hockey team

I think this is my very first pitting. It may seem mild to some readers, but it’s a necessary one nonetheless.

I pit the fucking NHL team from Chicago (I can’t be assed to use their nickname). I’m so sick of putting up with their bullshit. Half of the Tribune sports section is wasted on these fuckasses. On game days, the town is full of drunk assholes wearing their hockey team apparel and causing all sorts of noise.

Even worse, I frequently do pub trivia on Tuesday nights. Two of the last three weeks, trivia was cancelled so the bar could show these fuckasses playing their stupid little playoff game on TV.

I’m by no means a Bulls fan (the Lakers are the only team good enough for me), but it seems like the city barely paid any attention to the Bulls at all compared to the hockey fuckasses. There was a Bulls playoff game on TV a week ago Tuesday, but the bar still held its usual trivia night.

Finally, when the hockey shitheads won the Stanley bowl (or whatever it’s called) twice in the last few years, they shut down downtown for their stupid little parade. That shouldn’t affect me, but the commuter train that I ride prohibited alcoholic beverages the day of these parades. Last time I was extremely lucky–I was in Tampa visiting a friend and attending a Kesha concert the day of the parade. This time around, Kesha hasn’t scheduled any out-of-town concerts that I escape to in case these hockey fuckasses have another parade. I hope to hell that they fail miserably, their parade gets cancelled, and they suffer some GRAVE misfortunes for making me put up with all their bullshit.

Hockey is a great sport. You are missing out by not giving it a chance.

Stan Mikita would like to have a word with you.


Duncan Keith Rocks!

Be careful where you tread, One who curses the Gods of Hockey.

If that is what sells newspapers, then that is what is going to be printed.

They are called “fans”. The Blackhawks are lucky to have such an enthusiastic following.

Its not just when the Blackhawks play. Where Im from, if theres a playoff team with any of the four franchises, theres no trivia night, no DJ no nothing at the local Belch and Beer (AND if the game is not on, see my mini-rant from April!) In the meantime, until the NHL season ends, I suggest you find a fern bar that has poetry open mike or something on those nights.

The Blackhawks have won two Stanley Cups since 2010 with a chance to win a third; the Bulls haven’t won squat-tah since the 1990s and its unlikely they will as the present team is constructed so of course there’s more excitement for the Blackhawks in Chi-town right now.

Yeah . . .most cities do that when one of their teams wins a major championship. Not just Chicago, And not just for hockey. And its called the Stanley CUP, you infidel!:smiley:

Wait a minute. You were inconvenienced when they banned alcohol on a commuter train? Im missing something here.

I’ll contact her to see if she can set something up out of town in early June.

JEEZ lighten up a little, its just sports fans having FUN. The Blackhawks are an institution in Chicago, I suggest you check out a game, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

Hockey, and certainly playoff hockey, is the tits.

I wish my local team could just make the playoffs.

And did you just say the Lakers are the only team “good” enough for you…? :snerk:

Yes. Sipping on a beer (or the occasional whiskey) is one of the best things about riding the train.

If you do that and she agrees, I’ll never complain about hockey again. :slight_smile:

Noise, huh?

Need the Hawks to beat the Ducks to stay alive in my pool!

Let’s goooo Patrick Kane!

(Or in keeping with the “Stanley Bowl” theme)

Let’s make hockies Padraig Cain!!

I agree that is bullshit.

That’s “The MIGHTY Ducks,” tyvm.

I was totally on board with this rant - northerners and their quaint Eskimo sports - until you admitted to liking Kesha.

ETA: It’s just the Ducks now. Has been for something like a decade.

Is this sarcasm? My detector is borked.

The Ducks haven’t been called “The Mighty Ducks” since 2005.
EDIT: Sigh, ninja’d

Stop liking what i don’t like!!!

Are you a hobo?

I am no Blackhawks fan, but this team is the best team in Chicago for the last few years.

This “local hockey team” is part of the original six teams that eventually brought professional hockey and the NHL to America/Canada, led world-class athletes from all over the globe to play for-- no not the Stanley bowl-- the most coveted and best trophy ever, the Stanley Cup!

Playoff hockey is my favorite sport to watch no matter who is playing. Hockey in general is the toughest sport to play. You’re paid much less than basketball players who hardly get a scratch or foul out for grazing another player too much. These guys are all around physical.

Sorry, pitting major sports just doesn’t cut it with me. Now if you’d like to pit curling… :smiley:

I don’t sports. Ke$ha doesn’t sports. Nobody else should sports except assholes.
Oh… and loud noises <frowny face>

Hockey players are actually known as some of the nicest, classiest athletes in pro-sports. Granted, there are always exceptions, but compared to football, or basketball, the majority seem to have good reps. (Perhaps it’s because it’s a Canadian sport, or because they all of their aggression out on the ice?) And talk about tough – we’re talking about a sport where guys play with broken bones, dislocated joints, major internal injuries (Patrice Bergeron played Game 6 of the Stanley CUP finals two years ago with all three: a broken rib, a separated shoulder, torn cartilage AND a pierced lung) Compared to that, basketball players are big time pussies. (Hello, Lebron, I’m looking at you?)

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in pro-sports. Unlike other trophies, they don’t make a new one for each team: there’s only the same one. They have the names of all the winners engraved on it each year, and each player gets to spend a day with the Cup. There have been books written about the adventures the Cup has been through.

Granted, I want the Hawks to lose because I’m not a fan of them, although I’m not really THAT invested since my Penguins were knocked out in the first round. sob So now I’m rooting for Tampa Bay.

You don’t have to LIKE hockey, but c’mon, at least know about it before you criticize it. (And Ke$ha? Really?)

LET’S GO LIGHTNING!!! (Never thought I’d hear myself say that) And congrats to Sidney Crosby on making the Triple Gold Club!!!


Inside my head, they have. I’ve only heard vague mutterings about them dropping the “Mighty” bit, and haven’t paid much attention to those.

Beats me why they would want to, anyway.

Two thumbs up! Or, as Don Cherry would say: “Beauty, eh!”