A bigger tax refund than I had expected

I was hoping to at least break even come tax time, since I am not having anything withheld from unemployment, didn’t expect to get this much back. Damndest thing I have ever seen, I am on the HR Block tax calculator site, and I have entered the correct into. 3339 federal withheld so far

Can’t post the screen shot, this is what it says-

Here’s your estimated refund so far.


So will you be buying donuts for everyone? :wink:

  1. Don’t touch a penny in that account.
  2. Get documentation as to how much was in that account before your “gift” was deposited.
  3. Contact the IRS ASAP, telling them of their generous error, and give them a copy of your evidence as to what was in the account before and after.

So H&R Block is estimating a $3+ million refund, not the IRS actually gave it to you correct? Contact them.

Totally misunderstood that it was an estimate, not an actual refund.
Yeah, I would contact H&R Block before they sent that off to the government.

I am not filing now, just wanted to see what to expect. I had entered a line for unemployment and put federal withholding at 0, when I changed to 1, I got a realistic number. Might get about $500 back, although these calculators aren’t always accurate. Obviously.