Got my tax refund today!!

Only took a week too. Very pleased.

Did you use a tax prep service, or did you do it yourself? I use H&R Block’s online facility, which I’ve used for several years now, but just filed last Sunday, so I’m waiting.

Congratulations, by the way.

I used H&R Block online also. I even did it on the day of the computer glitch and still got it very quickly.

I got my state one yesterday and my federal one today. I filed the day before the IRS glitch.

H&R Block on-line here, and mine took about seven business days to be deposited.

My hair appreciates it!

I filed mine on Jan 30 (Sat) and got my state refund Feb 3 (Weds.) We owe the Feds and they’ll get their money on April 15th. I use TaxAct on line - been using them for years!

For the first time ever, I filed my taxes online today. Now I’m wondering why wasn’t I doing this ten years ago? I didn’t even have to enter my w-2 info. I just entered a passcode and it was able to import the information directly from the place I am employed.

Truly impressive.

I’m still waiting for a 1099.

For some reason, the VA sent me two 1085’s

Still waiting for all my 1099 and 1098s.

I never get a refund. I’m a freelancer and I usually owe. (And yes, I make quarterly payments. I guess our gummint hates me.)

Filed on the 5th. Haven’t got it yet. I use H&R Block online, too. Should be soon.

Nope. You’re doing it right and everybody getting a refund is doing it wrong.

But the sooner they get the refund and the smaller it is the less wrong they’re doing it.

All right, already! All forms are here, so I’ll do it now.

I’m doing this instead of taxes. Probably not my smartest move.

And…I’m done. Owed both Federal and State, but not as much as last year, so that’s something. Thanks for the push to get it done.

My accountant does a dry run in December. If I owe a bunch, I make a last minute equipment purchase for the business. Sometimes, no matter how I do things I’ll get a bit back.

ETA: haven’t filed yet. Heck, it’s still February!

You’re welcome.

Saw my tax person yesterday. Just as I feared. Owe another $1,000. :frowning:


I had mine done by VITA on Feb. 1. Got the state $ last week. The Fed is taking longer but it should be in my account by the end of Feb. at the latest.