We got our tax refund yesterday! Anybody else?

We don’t have any complicated issues with our tax situation; no itemized deductions or dependents or any of that. So as soon as we both got our W-2 forms, my wife did our taxes online just a few weeks ago. The refund was put in our account yesterday. All done for another year!

Does anybody else have their taxes filed yet? Do you file yours early, or wait until the last minute?

I finally got my last w-2 yesterday.

Done. I owe 10k. Ouch.

Damn! That’d bankrupt us. Sorry you got dinged so hard.

I just got the last W2. Stupid taxes.

Our refunds came about a week ago.

How do you people get done so fast? Don’t your investments take a while to get their 1099INT/DIV’s together and mailed out? I just got mine a few days ago.

I did mine online tuesday, federal at least. Just found out this morning that it has been accepted by the IRS. Should have my 600 bucks in my account in a day or two.

I got my 1099s before I got my W-2, right around the end of January. I should be seeing my refund in a day or two.


Just got mine deposited this morning. WooHoo!!!

I got me refund last week. Filed Feb 1 I think maybe.

I got everything from my banks and my job by the end of January. The other 1099’s i needed, I knew the exact amounts to enter so I didn’t need them physically.

Took about 3 days for state refund to come back, 9 days for federal.

Just got my federal back today. (woo! hoo! mortgage interest!) Got my state back last week.

I …may have to pay. I got my last form last week and I’m going to give it another go.

:: sobs ::

I got my state refund on February 2nd and my federal on February 5th. Filed on January 9th.

I got my refund last week. $350 went into the oil tank for heating oil, and the other $500 went towards the down payment of my car.

We got our federal refund deposited in our account today! Woo!

Two people, three states, four jobs and one marriage make for an interesting return.

Am I the only one who read this and was expecting five marriages to appear next? :slight_smile:

Our taxes are done. All the numbers are verified. They’re all ready to efile. And get us those lovely, LARGE (yeah, damfool us for overwithholding, long story, unusual tax sitch, hard to get it right and I’d rather get $$$ back than pay $$$) refunds from Uncle Sam and Uncle Commonwealth-of-Virginia.

Except for one thing. Typo Knig was a beneficiary of a trust from an estate - a trust which liquidated last year. And there may or may not have been income from that trust, we haven’t received any of the required documentation. And the trustee (a large bank) is saying “Duh, we dunno, we’ll send it in April or so maybe if we feel like it”. Evidently there is no legal deadline for preparing the paperwork to notify the beneficiaries of a trust, on what the income ramifications are. ARGH!!! So our entire tax refund is held hostage by the possibility of a couple hundred dollars in income from this stupid trustee. :mad:

I’m with Philster. I’m going to end up owing. A lot. I’ve just been to chicken to figure it up yet. :frowning:


For me, it’s just a W2 and whatever form mortgage interest is reported on. I had my W2 on January 3, and just had to wait for the mortgage, which arrived on the 20th or so.

I owe about $500 to Uncle Sam. Haven’t figured the state taxes yet, but the correction from witholding is usually tiny. And I’m waiting until late March to send it in. I see no reason not to keep this free $500 loan as long as possible (within reason).