A boy and his robot dog. Late 70's TV show

Might be a General Question I suppose, but smelled of “P” (pointless) just enough for the MPSIMS.

When I was a very, very little kid I rember watching a show about a boy and his robot dog. I think they both lived on a space station.

The robot dog wasn’t cute at all and actully looked more like a robot monkey than a dog, with patches of fur interspaced with silver duct tape. Actually, it bore a striking resemblance to Rober Bill from the old thundercats cartoon.

My friends are convinced I’m thinking of either:

A. A short-lived show called “Quark” about a family of space junkmen.

B. “Salvage One”, which, judging by the entry in the IMDB, doesn’t even sound close.

C. “Battle Star Galactic” which, judging by the fan-sites just looks more “Star Wars” than “Lassie”.

Seriously, it was a boy, a robot dog on a space station.

So, anybody have any ideas? I’m placing this show in the late-70’s early 80’s, and it was on for several episodes as I recall.

Battlestar Galactica

I can’t for the life of me right now remember the boy’s name (I want to say Noah), but the robotic dog’s name was Boxy-or that’s what it always sounded like to me. Jane Seymore played his mother and when that character died, he became the responsibility of his stepfather-Apollo, played by Richard Hatch. They didn’t live on a space station, but a very large starship that was part of a convey looking for the mythical Earth. Loren Green was Adama, Apollo’s father and the leader of the last rag tag bunch of the human race in the convoy. They were running for their lives most of the time from the evil Cylons. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes. I loved that show! I have the first season on tape from when it was in syndication. A very young Rick Springield was in the very first episode. What a cutie. Too bad the damned Cylons got him :frowning:

Oh, and it aired from 1978-1980. :slight_smile:

Yeah, sounds like Battlestar Galactica to me, too. The dog’s name was Muffit. Is this the critter you’re thinking of? (Just a face shot, I couldn’t find a better picture).


MUFFIT! That’s it!

Who the hell’s Boxy? :confused:

::Going to find a Battlestar Galactica site…::

I agree- Battlestar Galactica. It was a sci-fi show, but as a young kid all I was interested in myself was the little boy and the robot dog-- you perhaps have the same syndrome.
I thought the dog’s name was something like Boxxy, too.


Boxey was the nickname of the kid who owned Muffit! His real name was Troy and he was played by Noah Hathaway! (I knew Noah was in there somewhere.) The robot dog (or Drone Dagit) was Muffit II. Muffit I was killed when a large chunk of masonary fell on him during a Cylon attack on the Boxey’s homeworld. He reminded you of a monkey because he was portrayed by Evie the Chimp. :smiley:

[I am almost embarrassed that I can be reminded of all that just by the name of the dog.]

Incidentally, one of the finest computer games ever created, Homeworld (and its sequel, Homeworld: Cataclysm), was unabashedly based upon Battlestar Galactica.

The original game is better than the television series, though.

Not if it doesn’t have Rick Springfield in it for the first half hour :wink:

How about a soundtrack by Yes?

No kidding? Well, okay. So the music’s better on the game. But I need eye candy!

Yes, Boxey was Muffit’s owner. I checked that out one time, wondering what Noah Hathaway had been up to since then, and he’s definitely moved on to other things.

Anyway, it didn’t occur to me until just now when I read this thread, but one of the young characters in Mobile Suit Gundam is named Noah Hathaway.

Wow… I never made the connection…

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Yep, it was Muffet I was thinking of, thanks for the pic Cabbage. Guess I just have a selective memory.

Thought I’d resurrect this thread just long enough to post this weird Muffet link I just came across:


Creepy. Guess animal protection laws were a bit more flexable back then.