A Cancer- and Surgery-Free MMP

So, there have been some arguments about who was kicking off today’s festivities. I realised I haven’t OP’d in a while, so here we go.

For those of you who haven’t been following along, the last month has been a real roller-coaster for me. I got a “severely abnormal” pap smear result back in mid-November and since then have been through all kinds of mick-muckery while the doctors try to figure out exactly what it is and how bad - colposcopy, hysteroscopy, D&C (dilatation and curettage, for those who care to know), punch biopsies, MRIs of my pelvis and abdomen (including contrast dye).

The (hopefully final) answer is that I have doged the proverbial bullet. I don’t have cancer; I have the final stage of weirdndess that precedes cancer. So yesterday, I had another trip to the OR for colposcopy, another D&C and a large loop excision to carve out most of my cervical canal. My gynaecologist is very hopeful that this will be enough and I am hopeful that I can make it through the week without someone else jabbing me with a neeble or an IV cannula. Histopathology results will be back early next week, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

Oky-doky - hijack away!!! :smiley:


Now that’s out of the way, more good vibes sent your way, Gnat’s way, etc.

I think I’m going to quote Clausewitz in my PoliSci Navel Gazers Report. Ought’a be scholarly enough. I think being German gives extra scholarly points.

**Dotty **-- well, don’t now if you term this “great” news, but far better than the worst alternatives, anyway! Here’s hoping for no more jabs, cuts etc…, and for no more weirdness in the future!

Quoting Germans talking about war seems to be… very much on topic! :eek:
(not :eek:-ing at you, **Nava **-- more at the Germans…)

We’re having ourselves some of what passes for “real winter,” i.e., it’s been raining almost non-stop since about midnight and promises to continue most of today and probably tomorrow. No wind to speak of so far, daytime high should be 19℃… but it’s winter nonetheless, at least as we know it.

And I’m going to quote him as being more pacifistic than Gandhi compared with some diplomats…

Glad it’s not as bad as it could be, Dotty.

Zzzzzz… hate Mondays.

That’s because he wasn’t a diplomat – he was a pragmatist. When Real Life talked to him, he paid attention…

At least yours is almost over!

Of course, my “mental Monday” has been over for a while now… and I’m working on my “Tuesday.” But why let that bit of reality get in the way of a good rant? :slight_smile:

(((((Dotty))))), still sending good vibes your way!

Why are weekends so short? How am I supposed to pack all the fun into only two days? Saturday evening we went to the Frankfurt German Market in the city, not because we were interested in the tat they sell, it was only for the gluhwein! After imbibing a few, we went to a pub for some food and then across the road to a bar for one of those “quiet drink” things. That was until we ran into a group of 14 friends in the bar who we’d not seen for ages. We came back on the train with two of them and ended up in our favourite pub until about 3am. So that would explain why it was Sunday afternoon when I finally made it out of bed…

Up, caffeinated, off to work.

Here’s to good histopathology news for you, Dotty.


back after work.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. It’s not as cold out as it was yesterday. It appears as if there’s no frost even.

Dotty it does sound like you dodged a bullet. Anywho, continued prayers, good thoughts and appropriate/inappropriate appendage crossin’ from south Jawja. Thanks for startin’ us off and for the update.

Nava is that paper done yet? :dubious:

As to my outfit choice for tonight, while it is obvious that several of you do have f-aaaaaa-bu-lous taste, the choices are all related to appropriate summer wear. I need ideas for cold weather wear. So, maybe I could do the short shorts over leopard print tights with knee high leatherette boots with six inch heels and a faux rabbit fur coat. What do y’all think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, off to find some more caffiene and forage some brekkie.

Happy Monday Y’all!

I never did get the hang of Tuesdays.

(Still) Monday morning blurfage to y’all.

A busy but boring weekend to report. Went to fahrman skool Saturday, and the traffic in ex-Spaztown about did me in.

VWife got a new computer, which I set up all weekend whenever I wasn’t in hero class. An interesting problem with it, too. It would provide a decent shock whenever you touched it. Long story short, I figured out that the power outlet was wired bass-ackwards, and it took me 45 minutes to do a 10 minute job because her damned desk was in the way, and it can’t be moved.

More carpet shampooing yesterday. Og, I hate puppies.

ETA: Swampus, maybe you should consider a fur-lined codpiece.

Dots, I hope your mommy parts heal quickly.

Glad the news has been good so far, Dotty. Hope the news remains good.

I’ve added Muppet for next Monday and have volunteered for January 4th because I’m on vacation that week. Anyone want to volunteer for the 21st or 28th? Or any other Monday?

I’m with BooFae on wondering where the weekend went. And I even got a little bit of a head start on it…

Guess I’d better go figure out what I’m wearing today.

Back later.


Dotty, I squished my legs very tightly together reading your post. Not fun, m’dear. Not fun.

Thinking good thoughts for your histopath report.

Thursday night is my favorite day.

Good morning! Up and caffeinating on a Monday. Dotty, healing thoughts continuing to be sent to you, as well as keeping you in my prayers.

GT, pencil me in for the 28th - I’ve got an idea I’m working on even now. 12/28 would have been my Mom’s 81st birthday, btw.

BBBBBobbio, thank you for putting the image of a fur-lined codpiece in my brain … now please pass the bleach to get it out of there! :eek: No offense, Swampy, mind you. :wink:

I’m still coughing and now sneezing but I don’t feel as bad as I did…oh boy, do I wish I owned stock in hand sanitizer now. :smiley:

BooFae, a co-worker was going to a local German Christmas market over the weekend for some of the gluhwein–that stuff must be good stuffus. LOL Sounds like you did have an enjoyable weekend.

Happy Monday all – or Tuesday like SpecialOne.

Glad to know that our Dotster is doing well. Good to see the rest of you are fairly status quo. It snowed here in the night, which is a good thing, because now I have at least some Xmas spirit. Off to work now. Toodles.

Back at work. Mondays are definitely blurf-worthy.

{{{Dotty}}} - feel better soon! I’m glad it’s not as bad as previously thought.

Heal fast Dotty!

I am back at work after 2 weeks on vacation in happy couple land with the hubby. :frowning:

Veeeery jet lagged as I only landed late last night to the point at which I hurt and will be leaving soon to go home and go to bed. Major Blurfage indeed!

Dots, what are the implications of a surgically altered cervix with respect to making new tricycle motors?

Glad it’s all good(ish) news, Dotty! Hopefully all the unpleasantness and poking and prodding will be over soon… I’m squirming just reading that list of procedures.

How was hubby-vacay, mmmmmmmmmmmmm? And how long until you see him again? Not too long, I hope.

In other news, I’m trying to slowly detach myself from my work, which is a bit of a challenge because delegation has never been my forte and it’s really hard to let someone else start mucking around in documents I’ve controlled for the better part of a year.

No, I haven’t gotten myself fired (which is good, considering they did lay off a small chunk of our workforce a few weeks back)… instead, I’ve gone and gotten myself promoted. :smiley: I officially signed the papers today.


Goodbye user security, hello corporate policy.

That’s right… I actually get to contribute directly to making a small part of my company a kinder, cuddlier, friendlier place for our customers.* I also get to stay on with Super-Awesome Director, which makes it even more fabulous. Oh, and the pay bump is kinda nice, too.

*As long as they pay their bills in full and on time. Non-payment may result in a decrease of kind, cuddly, friendly feelings.

{{{Dotty}}} Glad everything went ok. I hope the reports come back all cancer-free.

Yay Muppet!

The week’s not off to a good start. I paid for a work-related class a month ago, and I’ve never gotten the reimbursement check. Part of it was my fault - I submitted the expense report to HR. Which used to be the right thing to do. And there are no instructions on the expense report saying where it should go. You might think that’d be an important note to include. Anyway, it finally got to Accts Payable, and they sent a check on 11/25. Which I still haven’t received and our credit card bill is due with this $1700 charge on it! So I marched over today to ask “Where the heck is my check?” Nice that it rhymes too, huh? I find out that they don’t have my current address… we moved 2 years ago. After emailing HR, it seems that sending the update to HR doesn’t update all of the systems… you have to update each department separately. :smack: ARGH!