If I'm off today, why am I starting the MMP?

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I’m off today. I was off last Monday. I will be off next Monday. It’s 5:19 Eastern Daylight Time. There is absolutely no reason to be up this early, except that it’s now become routine.

The reason I am off today is because I have my VA disability exam (well, exams) this afternoon. I have X-ray first, followed by a short visit with the clerk to finish up any other paperirk that may need to be done, the doc for the actual physical, and a hearing test. This, BTW, isn’t everything. I still have to have the mental status exam, which hasn’t been scheduled yet, and whatever exams are deemed necessary.

Fortunately, I found the package from my admin board when I was discharged. For those not familiar with the military, an admin board is convened when there is the chance of a less-than-honorable discharge. The sailor (in my case) is entitled to legal counsel and to make an argument before the board. The board then considers all the evidence and renders a decision as to the character of the discharge. In my case, there was enough evidence to show that I didn’t deserve a less-than-honorable discharge and was awarded a general discharge instead. There is also a crapton of evidence that should make for a very strong case for disability; my Navy medical records document a lot of physical damage and my admin board records have my psych records. Still a tough road to prove that my problems are worth money, but I should be rated at least 0%, which means the VA has to offer care at no cost to me.

So it’s going to be a long, difficult day. I’m hoping it’ll be worth it.

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Because someone hadta and I was feeling lazy?

May your medipapers work out well.

Good luck with the VA. My spousal unit was medicaled out because of a service-related injury - his left shoulder pops out of joint and surgery couldn’t fix it. After numerous exams, etc, the VA said there was nothing wrong with him. He got tired of fighting them and we’ve had nothing to do with it since then. Hope you fare better.

Good morning. I realized as I lay in bed watching the news before dragging myself to the shower that we’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up. YAY! On the less yay-side, the first 3 days this week, the company is being audited for its ISO certification. I just hope the guy doesn’t come talk to me - I know I’ll say the wrong thing…

Other than that, just another day in paradise. Happy Moanday!!

blurf. will comment on topic later. need coffee.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and partly cloudy with a predicted high of 95, partly cloudy, and maybe rain/tstorms/apocalypse late this afternoon. We shall see. I shall do some cave defilthyfyin’ today as it is in need. Plus if’n people are comin’ over on Sattidy to hang at the cee-mint pond I guess the place should be presentable. Rah.

Rockin’ appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed re the VA stuff.

Next Moanday is the first major federal holiday since I became a bear of leisure. When OYKW mentioned he has next Moanday off I wasl all “you mean I have to put up with you all day three days in a row!” :smiley:

OK I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, I suppose I should commence defilthyfication.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Best of luck on the VA hearing, MsRobyn.

That’s all I’ve got. Didn’t get to sleep until 2 am. Blurf. There may not be enough coffee to get me through today. At least I get to work from home.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Back to work today.

: corsses appropriate and inappropriate appendages for Rockin’ :

Happy Moonday!

It’s a sunny 71 and going to go up to 90.

The lawn needs to be mowed, so it’s best to get it done early.

Today is the first day of school. There are two orientations this evening and of course Sah-son doesn’t want to go. He never got the additional information he needs to register for the online programs that go with the classes, which is probably what the orientations are for.
Oh well, his problem. I took the day off so I can drive him there. So day off for me no matter what, and I need one.
I tried to take yesterday off and the office called me three times to ask me to log in. I don’t mind so much because I told them if they are short to call me, I just wasn’t in the mood for it yesterday.

Good luck with everything** Rockin’**

As I understand it both from my rep at the VFW and from similarly situated friends, the bar to disability is a lot lower than it used to be. It used to be that you had to link any problem to a specific incident, but now as long as you can prove it was a direct result of your military service, you’re much more likely to be approved at some level. The trick is to prove it, but since I was a sick bay commando, most of it’s documented.

After the Monday-morning kaffee klatch, I’m now breakfasting on eggs, an English muffin and a fruit cup. Now that stuff is open, I have to take my stuff to Staples and get it copied and scanned so I can take it to the VA.

Man, I used to hate ISO certification. I no longer work for a company that needs it, but it was always the most stressful week of the year. I wish you luck. Keep your head down.

Robyn, good luck with the VA!

I spent the weekend building the undersides of a patio. All that’s left is the pavers, which I need to get ordered and delivered so I can hurt myself some more this coming weekend. I am so unbelievably sore. There was much shoveling, hauling, bending, etc. And swimming, which did not help my arms, but did help my mood.

Good luck Rockin’!

FTR, sleeping on trains is not as easy as it used to be. Oh well. I got a few hours in. Off to find breakfast in a few minutes. I’z hongry!

Rockin’, I can empathize. Wishing you a great big pair of scissors for all that red tape

Good luck with the VA interview, Rockin’.

I know what you mean, I have now been retired for almost 4 months and still wake up before 6am, no matter how late I stay up at night. It often means I take a nap during the afternoon, which makes it difficult for me to go to sleep at night, so when I wake up early…I may have to look for that Mel that FCM is always sleeping with…

Laundry day today, three loads should do it, and maybe go get my haircut, it’s just long enough to be irritating, but I hate spending $$ when it takes them 6-7 minutes to do the whole thing.

Also supposed to have a roofing guy come by to give me a quote and later this week I plan to buy a new dishwasher. Boy, am I stimulating the economy or what?

Good luck Rockin’ I’m off on vacay this week yeah me! It’s a “staycation” but I get to do fun things, like visit with my sister and my new horsie. Of course old horsie’s gear doesn’t fit new horsie, so I must go shopping.

Ursala Kitteh is so smart. I cleaned her box and changed the litter. She came down to remind me that her box was unavailable, so I hustled. Dried it out and filled with litter. She was waiting for me to finish.

Off to exercise, then the sto’ then hang around. I may achieve nappage, but not with swampy.

Wetone you are lucky to have such a nice cat. Certain other cats that I know ahem don’t always tell me there’s an issue. They just leave me a present. Aren’t they sweet? :stuck_out_tongue:

90 more minutes on the train. Woot.

Off to work.

I have lunched. No sign of ISO-Man yet. Four more hours, then I can go home. :smiley:

Clock-watcher? MOI???


Da cave is somewhat spiffed. I did stuff and goofed off but mostly everything looks ok so there’s that. I am so glad I no longer have to do certification stuff. I speak from both sides of that as someone who did the actual certification surveys as well as one who went through the certification process for irk. Neither side is particularly fun. Trust me.

OK, I reckon I should do other stuff like shower and have some N.O.L. Tummy is growlin’ at me.

Good luck with all of it Rockin’. My dad and brother are in the process of nagging the hell out of my husband to apply, but he’s procrastinating some more. I put all of the initial paperwork together for him, and he tried once to submit at the local VA office, but they told him he needed his marriage certificate from his first marriage (which he doesn’t have, and cannot remember which NY township he married in.) The divorce decree wasn’t good enough. I think he just needs to go to the local DAV and let them help navigate the bureaucracy.

Did not go to my family reunion yesterday. Got hammered by an absolutely brutal migraine around 8 pm Saturday night. I’ve had migraines since I was 10 years old, and this was the worst one I ever remember. Fortunately, it began to ease off by yesterday morning, but I couldn’t think about facing 100 people for 3 hours. So I sent Tony and the girls and the food I had already cooked. They ate, and I napped.

Speaking of the girls, 2.0 officially went on her first date last night. Ice cream at Brewster’s and Suicide Squad. Tony dropped her off at 6 and picked her up at 9:15 (because that’s part of the deal. She is 15, and a high school sophomore, and can go out with someone, but not in his car. I’m unreasonable like that.) And then Girl 2.0 made me feel better by coming home and telling me and my mom all about the date, including the cute/awkward bit when The Cute Boy asked whether she was cold so that he could put his arm around her shoulder, and her worries that she would impale him with her earring if she leaned on his shoulder. Growing up. But not growing away from me. And that works.

Otherwise, just adulting this morning. Paid some bills. Finalized some paperwork with my mom and my brother. (“Invested” a chunk of money with each of them - allowing them both to consolidate some relatively modest debts at an interest rate 3 points lower than what the bank or credit union offered, and us to earn about 3% above any other short-term vehicle our banks offered. Win-win.) Traded two big dog kennels that I don’t need for a riding lawn mower that my brother doesn’t need. Nothing glamorous, but a pretty good morning.

Checked out the auction again. The bids for the Mumper Ruckus site are still low. Fingers crossed!

Now to go tackle the kitchen, which was mid-food-prep when I was struck down with the headache Saturday. It’s a disaster. If you don’t hear from me by midnight, send a search party!

Blurf-y blurf