I can't believe I'm starting the MMP

Guess everyone is staying in bed later on Labor Day.

So what are you planning on your day off (if you’re getting a day off)?

Been retired for almost 4 years now, so everyday is my day off. Rained last night so soocer depends on the whims of the Parks Department. Do have to do the traditional shop-n-sammich run a little later this morning, but that’s all that is on the agenda.

All y’all have a good Moanday.


(Wow! First time for everything :stuck_out_tongue: )

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted and fixing to get sheveled. While I thought I had set the printer up properly, I found that it won’t print photos. :frowning: A friend will be over shortly to diagnose the problem.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 70 Amurrkin out and N.O.S. with a predicted high of 93 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I shall labor on Labor Day as mowage needs to be accomplished and the temp will be good for doin’ so this mornin’. Afterwards I foresee some quality cee-mint pond time, cause why not. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy.

red hope your printer woes get resolved soonest.

MetalMouse I’ve been retired for five years, so I too enjoy a seven day weekend.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday/Labor Day Y’all!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off today. Today’s plans: demolish the old washer, since we have a working dumpster now.

In twelve days it will be one year since I retired. Occasionally I lose track of just which day of the week it is. They are all wonderful. Our city has a new express bus service. Rather than every block or so it only stops at specific places about a mile apart. It has been up and running since Spring but they have not yet installed the mechanism for collecting fares. Riding is free until October first.

We live near the farthest west stop… One morning we walked to the Transit Station and got on. We rode to the beginning of the line, getting off at the shopping district called “The Old Market” After wandering through the shops. we walked about three miles west to the newer “Midtown” area, where there are a lot of bars and restaurants. We ate a great lunch and then walked to the nearest transit stop and rode home.

One need not be a retiree to do this but we did it on a Wednesday. Had it been a Saturday everything would have been very crowded. As it was , it was a really nice way to spend the day together.

I was up plenty early, alas. The alarm went off at 5 for FCD’s dosages. And except for a couple of brief snoozes, I didn’t get any more sleep. That’s on top of maybe 3 hours overnight. I hope his pain has crested and he’ll be able to sleep like normal again. But I’m dragging…

My labors today will involve laundry. I was planning to hang everything out, but I’m just too tahred! So I’ll plant myself in the basement and run both washer and dryer. I can’t deal with much more than that.

It rained overnight - I didn’t know it was forecast! Nice surprise, tho. It was a gentle, long shower - the driveway puddle was full (my rain gauge!) But I suspect it will lead to more humidity than we like, so the house will remain closed. Dammit.

And I found out this morning that my niece is having another boy. Poor Roxy - no girl cousins near her age. Amani is about 4 years older and Naomi is in middle school (or early high school??) On the other hand, Toby and his cousins can form a boy band, right? :rofl:

I’m going to finish reading my intrarwebz stuff before laundry, so there! :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy Laborous Moanday!

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s 26C/80F here today and sunny which is lovely for this time of year but too hot for me to be comfortable. It’s been a very busy morning too, started off by feeding the critters and doing the litter trays, then had some breakfast myself and made us cups of tea. After that, I put some dye on my hair and logged into work for half an hour until it was time to wash it out again. Brief break from irk to do that, then back at it.

We have our next Board of Examiners meeting on Friday, so before that we need to have meetings for marks scrutiny, which first means we have to chase around to get all the marks in that need to be scrutinised! Most of that work seems to be done, so I can run reports for scrutiny, then we make any adjustments necessary, then run the calculations in the student record system, then produce a different set of reports for the Friday meeting.

That led to a meeting with the boss this morning about stuff, sometimes I wish she’d just let me get on with it and stop trying to help because she just makes things more complicated. I am not ungrateful for the offer of help, but I could have done with it while I was on leave, because nobody touched any of the jobs I’d specifically said needed attention in my absence. Honestly, they’ll miss me when I’m gone…

Mooooom sorry to hear you’re tired, but glad to hear that FCD is doing as he’s told. Hopefully things will start to improve and you’ll both get more sleep soon.

Hippie that does sound like a lovely way to spend time together, I hope you and Sunflower enjoyed exploring on the bus. Our local bus route had some fancy new vehicles a while ago, they have a robo-announcer that tells you which stop comes next. It’s good for us, but must be a bit baffling if you’re not from round here and you don’t understand Yam Yam.

It’s not a day off for us over here so I’ve been stuck with irk problems all day. Looking forward to finishing early though, and then doing an exercise class. Not my turn to make dinner either so I might even get a bit of sofa time with a cat if I’m lucky.

Had a spot of luck yesterday. A local grocery store started requiring everyone to show their membership cards when entering. First time in ten years for that, and I couldn’t find my card. Got home and found my old wallet, thinking it might be in there, but it wasn’t. What was in there was $104 in cash! I guess I missed it when I cleaned it out when changing wallets a few years ago.

Today’s fun will be cleaning up the huge mess of pear windfall under the tree and disposing of it.

Happy Moonday!

Happy Labor Day!

Beautiful morning at the park. I could have used my hoodie, but not so chilly as to be uncomfortable.
Good crowd of dogs, the more the merrier, and lots of laughs for us.
Echo was being so good. One of my friends brought her 8-year-old granddaughter and Echo was friendly with her. A little weird at times, she wanted to play, but isn’t sure how to play with kids.
Even Ripple wandered over to her for a pat.
For two dogs who don’t like kids, they did well.
Echo also accepted a new dog, hope he will be joining our little pack, without showing her ass.
Poor new pup though, I think he was a bit overwhelmed.

I don’t know what I’m doing today.
I should irk, but I don’t feel like it. However, my recent paychecks have been pretty pathetic, so I need to put in some time.
I’m very irked with irk and I need to talk to somebody in the office, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t in today.
I have to finish the laundry I started yesterday. I stopped in the middle so my son could wash his clothes since he has to go to irk tonight.
I should clean the inside of the truck since I’m taking it to the shop tomorrow. Between dog hair, mud, and drool, it’s always a mess in there. And helicopters, helicopters everywhere. I hate them and it’s one thing I won’t miss when I have the tree cut down.

The cats actually let me stay in bed until 7am for once. Of course, I had several hairballs and a pile of puke to contend with, but the extra lazing time made it worth it.

Not a lot of labor in store for today. Have to make a supply run for some stuff, but that will take all of 45 minutes. Then it’s back home and finding something to do so I can postpone grading a weeks work in all my classes. Sloth shall reign!

Happy Labor Day, peeps!

Golly gee, Mr. Moneybags! Can’t keep track of your petty cash?? :rofl: Yeah, found money is fun!

FCD did half his exercises before hitting the bed for a nap. He struggled with 5 reps, so I wasn’t going to push 10. We’ll do 5 more when he wakes. Meanwhile, my first load is in the dryer and second is in the washer. Just 2 loads today.

This afternoon, I’ll make another chicken-and-grape salad with the remains of the first chicken I smoked the other day. But for now, just chillage. I’m dragging…

Happy monday, all! I had to go into the shop and do a couple hours. On friday, a client asked for some shelves and a countertop for his new restaurant location, and he need them by wednesday, so into the shop I go.

Was going to mow this afternoon, but it’s been raining all morning, everything is soaked. Oh darn.

It’s just about 12:40 PM ET here in lovely Northern Virginia, and it’s a nicer day than I expected! Right now it’s 80° F and sunny, with low humidity and a decent breeze. I probably should have opened my windows when I got up, but now it’s too hot (and won’t get cooler until sunset). Ah, well.

I am so happy to be off work today. Mostly I enjoy my job, but it’s amazing the difference a three-day weekend can make every now and then. I stayed up too late reading – I finished Stephen King’s Billy Summers and started Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings (which a friend recommended) – but I knew I could sleep in this morning if needed. And I did, not rolling out of bed until around 8:30! Woo hoo!

I know everyone’s just dying to hear about the state of my mosquito bites, so I’ll tell you: they still itch quite a bit. :frowning: But at some point yesterday evening I got tired of the mess the Benadryl cream was making, and remembered that I have a box of individually wrapped Preparation-H wipes in the closet. Witch hazel with aloe helps, and using wipes vs cream is much cleaner! The Benadryl is more effective, though, and I’ve been using that so far today.

Lunch will be the last of the leftover pizza…eating better will resume tomorrow. :smiley: Aside from finishing the laundry that I started this morning, my plans for the day include a lot of couch-sitting and TV-watching. Season 5 of Billions finally resumed yesterday: I’m looking forward to the new episode, but it’s been over a year since the last one aired so I think I’ll refresh my memory via the Showtime app first.

Hang in there, FCM:blue_heart:

Maybe it’s just me, but 33 miles doesn’t seem all that far away when talking about a fire… :anguished: Do you have any concerns about it being close?


Nice!! :money_mouth_face:

(I’ve never used that emjoi before in my life…it seems appropriate, but hopefully it isn’t actually insulting or anything!)

As far as effect on me personally, just air quality. I’m west of both Caldor and Bridge, and they seem to be moving eastward. Now if something erupts west of me, I’ll be worried.

As for my day, might make a quick grocery run later (could use some fruit, don’t trust Instacart or Walmart to select for me), and there’s a few minor tasks to do, such as washing Saturday’s thrift store finds, but mostly sloth.

Afternoon all. Shopping was quick (only bananas and a salad bag) and my sammich was free due to my points, so splurged and bought a Pepsi and chips and ate at the Jersey Mike’s. Also finished my Sunday Crossword puzzle (with a few corrections…) and now comes the wait to see if the rain last night closes the parks or if I can have soccer practice. Probably won’t know until 4pm or so.

Coolie, found money is always nice.

Oopsie, hope the itchin’ and scratchin’ ends soon.

VanGo, I can hear your disappointment about now mowing all the way here in Ali-bama… :wink:

FCM, slow but steady. Sounds like things are coming along OK.

Sari, on of these days I’m going to get up to your neighborhood just to meet those two pooches of your (and you yourself, of course…)

Hippie, we don’t have much of a bus service here in N. Ali-bama, so there is no stop anywhere close to me…but sounds like you two had a great day. May you have many more.

OK, either get around doing more things or take a nap…tough choice…

Take care all.

Up until the pandemic, I always kept between fifty and a hundred in my pocket for small purchases. But for the last year and change we’ve had our groceries delivered, and even now, merchants are reluctant to take cash, so I can’t remember the last time I made an ATM withdrawal or used cash for anything.

No day off here, today. In fact, because Kanton Luzern is weird, we also don’t get May 1st off for labor day, unless most of Switzerland and Europe.

Didn’t have too many meetings, so I am almost caught up on my emails. Which means something else will come along and take up the slack.

Washed the sheets and still have to make the bed. Doesn’t take long, with hubby helping, but it’s something between me and getting to sleep.

We took a short walk after 6 pm, but it was warm enough that I got sweaty and my hair’s still damp more than an hour after getting home.

Hubby was going to mow, bu then got distracted by work stuff, so that didn’t happen. Gotta save something for tomorrow.

Hope FCD’s recovery continues to go smoothly.

{{{{{ shoe }}}}} :purple_heart:

Evenin’ all.

T’was even warmer’n Boofae’s- a balmy 28°C here, which is more than warm enough. It’s the traditional ‘Kids go back to school’ heatwave.

It looks like the housing situation is sorted- I emailed the uni accommodation office asking if it was possible to go on the waiting list for a single room (as they’d only offered me a ‘shared room’ and just no), saying I felt that sharing a room was a Really Bad Plan, and got an email back saying that oh, the ‘shared room’ would not actually be shared with another person this year, it’d just have a second bed in. Obviously they’d had the same concerns re what on earth you were supposed to do if you had to isolate… I’m a pretty private person- the very thought of being stuck in a room with a -possibly sick- stranger for a week or more gives me the heebie jeebies.

Sharing a house I can deal with- I may be moving as early as this weekend.

Of course, within an hour of accepting that, I had 2 other emails offering viewings of other shared places…

Now I just need to sort through all my stuff and decide what to take- as a friend has very nicely let me store all my spare things in her garage (furniture, cooking gear that’s too good, spare beehives- the usual). What else do I need to do? Eep!

We went to DQ earlier this afternoon - both a hankerin’, plus he just wanted to get out for a bit. We ate in the car, but it tasted as good as it would in the store. I just woke from a sorta-nap on my recliner - I think I was out for about an hour. Still planning to sleep with Mel tonight.

FCD is doing lots better today, tho his knee looks terrible - all purple and yellow. I guess bruising is to be expected, right? But he’s walking a bit better and hasn’t taken any Oxy today, so that’s definitely a good sign. He did 2 mini-PT sessions, both of which were hard on him, so I didn’t push him to do 10 reps when he struggled with 5. At least he did it. And now he’s icing his knee with the new frozen gel packs that arrived this morning. So things are looking up in the patient department.

Supper will be grab-whatever. Neither of us is particularly hungry. Maybe I’ll make grilled cheese sammiches. But on the whole, it’s been a good day. I take him for PT at 7 in the morning. But that’s tomorrow.